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TWoP 10: Reasons We’re Looking Forward to <I>The Voice</I> and <I>The X Factor</I>

We're actually excited for the head-to-head match-up of The Voice and The X Factor on Wednesday, but it sure as hell isn't because of the talent competing (or the awful auditions that make our ears bleed). Instead, we've got many other reasons why we let these two singing competition shows clutter up our DVRs.

10. We'll Get a Super Bowl Commercial
We were oddly proud that we were able to wow our friends at our Super Bowl party by being the only ones to have a clue who X Factor winner Melanie Amaro was when she popped up to sing with Elton John. It's a small victory, but we'll take it.

9. No Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger
Demi Lovato is a non-entity as far as we're concerned and Britney Spears is ... interesting, but both have to be better than Abdul and Scherzinger who added nothing to The X Factor and had their contestants quickly eliminated. Useless and pointless, much like their singing careers.

8. The Bromance
We love the banter and camaraderie between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice. The two best buds might just end up making out this season. And X-tina will be extremely pissed that she's not the center of attention.

7. The Faux Feud
The rivalry between L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell on The X Factor last year was so hysterically forced and badly executed that we can't wait to see the awkwardness this season. Or will they try and compete with The Voice's lovefest instead? Only time -- and ratings -- will tell.

6. Possible Random Accents
Because you just never know when a contestant who formerly had perfect diction is totally going to bust out a previously non-existent Caribbean accent during an emotional moment on stage. It happened once with last year's X Factor winner and we can't chance missing that kind of crazy.

5. The Desperate Plugs
Not the corporate sponsor variety, but the way that the mentors/judges decide that they need to debut their new songs (or in Christina's case glom on to someone else's) during a performance night in order to prove their relevance. Yeah, we totally blame The Voice for forcing "Moves Like Jagger" down our throats.

4. Christina Aguilera's Wardrobe
She may fall out of one of those dresses... after all, she nearly did last season. She may forget pants... which we're pretty sure she did last season. She could possibly wear more dinner plates or maybe even bedazzled utensils on her head. She's a one-woman what-not-to-wear.

3. Britney Spears
While Christina may be outrageous in her fashion choices, her former pop princess rival is a wild card in every sense. We have no idea how coherent Brit-Brit will be, or if she'll walk on stage barefoot while clad in Daisy Dukes. We also have no idea what she'll be like as a judge and are vaguely terrified about the idea of her helping to shape the careers of others. That uncertainty will keep us tuning in for a while.

2. Cee Lo's Pet Cockatoo
Purrfect the cat has been retired (we hope that isn't code for being put to sleep) so that Cee Lo can have a new ridiculous pet this season, a cockatoo named Lady. He's gone from Dr. Claw to Long John Silver in one easy step.

1. The Ratings Battle
Since the two shows will air in the same season, unlike last year when The Voice challenged Idol in the spring, we expect plenty of trash talking via the media and even ridiculous press releases trying to spin the numbers so their show looks like number 1... even if it's only, say, among 89-90 year-old viewers in the Midwest. If only Donald Trump could find a way into this action.

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