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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: 5 Sketches That Were Funnier Than <i>What’s Your Number?</i>

Any Anna Faris fan who saw What's Your Number? (or didn't because of its terrible reviews) and watched Saturday Night Live this weekend probably went into the show with the hope that it wouldn't suck -- after all, we don't just like her in vain, right? I personally got affirmation watching the episode, and laughed more than I have at SNL in a while. That's not to say a few sketches failed from a sore lack of editing (looking at you, "Wyndemere" and "GOP Debate II"), but all in all, the episode was a relieving surprise. In the spirit of Ms. Faris, here at the sketches that delivered more laughs than her entire last movie did.

"Lifetime Game Show"
Some of the best SNL sketches in recent memory are the ones that show off a passion for embarrassing pop culture in the writers' room -- my personal favorite is "Underground Festival", but The Gathering of the Juggalos may be a bit too obscure for your average viewer. We all know the basic formula for every Lifetime movie, and turning the cliché into a game show was genius... especially with the losing moms pretending to rake leaves. I feared "What's Wrong With Tanya?" would go on too long, but it wrapped up when it needed to and Bill Hader was able to carry the awkward ending.

"Tell Him"
It pains me that this clip currently unavailable, because it was maybe the best of the night. The ladies of the cast gathered in a malt shop to sing a modernized version of "Tell Him," the highly-covered Bert Berns song about how to get a man to fall in love with you. Any lady knows that you must convince a guy that you "don't believe in marriage", "play Call of Duty" and are "not grossed out when he says the word panties" in order to make him yours. I'd like to think the sketch was an apology for how frustratingly pathetic Faris' character was in What's Your Number?, because that movie was a few scenes away from not letting her excuse herself to use the rest room in front of a boyfriend.

"J-Pop Talk Show"
Would I sneak into the Michigan State campus to watch an episode of student-run "J-Pop America Fun Time Now"? Absolutely, as long as I got to hang out with Sensei Mark and Jonathan Kavanaughson's girlfriend afterward. I've been thoroughly enjoying Vanessa Bayer and Taran Killam this season, and their performances in sketch are an excellent example why... even though they couldn't hold a candle to Mike Myers and Chris Farley in Season 19's "Japanese Game Show".

"SNL Digital Short: Drake Interview"
I've frankly grown tired of Andy Samberg's ironic celebrity digital shorts, but his interviews with Drake at least had a point. Since it wasn't annoying and didn't go on for too long, I was able to actually enjoy it and -- dare I say -- laugh a few times.

"Cold Open: Bloomberg - Occupy Wall Street"
SNL had to cover Occupy Wall Street, and Bloomberg using it as an opportunity to promote NYC tourism was a great angle. If only the writers had been able to better integrate the smoking ban joke. I also could've used a cameo from Governor Paterson, but Fred Armisen can only carry so much weight in this cast.

Wildcard of the Night: "Bookstore"
I have no idea what to make of this sketch, nor do I know why I laughed at Bill Hader's spaghetti legs. If anyone can help me make sense of it and reason why it was secretly brilliant or downright idiotic, I would appreciate it.

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