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Saturday Night Live: Jamie Foxx Unfunny

by Rachel Stein December 10, 2012 11:16 am
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: Jamie Foxx Unfunny

I imagine that when Jamie Foxx got his script (or read his cue cards? I'm not sure how this show works anymore) for this week's Saturday Night Live episode, every single one of his characters was described as an "over-the-top manic black man." If I had to say three positive things about this endeavor, I guess one would be that it kind of reminded me of old-school SNL episodes where Chris Rock used to also play various angry archetypes (though it was a lot more culturally relevant and satirical in the early '90s), two is that the Django Unchained trailer was fun and three is definitely every moment of Aidy Bryant. With that in mind, here are the highlights of the evening:

Cold Opening: Fiscal Cliff Press Conference
I can't believe this was a bright spot of the episode, but Bill Hader did make me laugh a few times as House Speaker John Boehner being the victim of classic schoolhouse bullying pranks from his fellow Republicans. I wish Jay Pharoah would try to play Barack Obama less straight-forward -- "good impression" does not satire make -- but whatever, it worked here.

Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross
Ah yes, a Tyler Perry Madea joke -- very brave and topical of the writers. Foxx over-acted in just about every single sketch, but it worked here... and probably just because he was playing two characters in the "first buddy cop movie starring only one actor." I'll give it to him that he was pretty good at playing half-man/half-Madea when it came to talking to himself.

Weekend Update: Mrs. Claus
If you watch one clip from this episode, let it be Mrs. Claus talking to Seth Meyers about her husband's "fur trim" and "milk farts," and her often-forgotten ex-boyfriend. It's a season highpoint, and I don't mean that just in the holiday sense.

Maine Justice
I don't even know anymore. I guess I like jokes about Maine and New Orleans in general, the guest star was kind of a fun surprise, Jason Sudeikis committed to his character well and it's always sort of funny when a strange premise gets half-explained. Foxx broke character several times in this episode, so if you're a fan of that, he does it here for your viewing pleasure.

And just for fun, the worst sketch the evening: Swarvoski Crystals
Because no horrible episode can be complete without the phrase "I lost part of my foot, it broke off in a butt." You'll notice that someone in the audience literally started howling. There's much more of that in the monologue, too.

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