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<I>Saturday Night Live</I>: Melissa McCarthy’s Biggest Hair Don’ts

This second appearance of Melissa McCarthy wasn't the worst episode of SNL that we've seen this season, but that's not really saying much. It mostly relied on putting McCarthy in ridiculous wigs and having her do really broad physical comedy. Having watched more of Mike & Molly than we'd normally care to admit, we know that McCarthy is capable of slightly subtler humor that doesn't rely on her wearing gigantic high heels and bad wigs or falling on her face... but the show went for the easiest common denominator. They also went a really long way with a North Korea joke in the cold open solely so they could have Dennis Rodman butcher the "live from New York" intro. We've ranked the bad hair that McCarthy sported, from best to worst:

Normal Hair
Here in the monologue, McCarthy sported her own lovely coiffed hair, and the aforementioned horrible shoes.

The Catelynn from Teen Mom
This side-parted mullet of sorts worked, given the character she played who revealed she lived in an actual hole. Having watched far too much of The Voice lately, we did appreciate this fairly spot-on parody, with the random "Cee Lo" appearance and a "contestant" asking the judges why on earth they'd actually want her on their teams.

Gym Teacher Chic
Because to play an over-the-top woman's basketball coach who likes to throw toasters at people, you must have a horrible short haircut. This was only slightly different than her Voice wig, but here it was in a poorly tinted color.

The Perm
In this Pizza Business sketch, which was one giant fat joke where she just really loved day-old pizza, she sported a reddish-curly 'do. Perhaps it was to match the pizza sauce. She sported a similar blonde version to promote her love of ham (in a sketch that isn't available presumably because Salt n' Pepa don't want their music associated with dancing pigs).

The Closer to God Hair
To play this incompetent Vanna White impersonator she was rocking quite the atrocious poof.

'90s Hairsprayed Bangs
The worst of the night was this one. As she had to act out the poor advice of some relationship gurus from the '90s, she sported some big old teased bangs and what looked like a whole lot of frosted highlights. That and Taran Killam's sweater thankfully distracted us from what was actually happening in the sketch.

Since one of these non-McCarthy bits was really funny and the other touched on a subject that we personally feel strongly about, we just have to include them.

Bathroom Businessman
Stupid skit, but the lesson of not texting on the toilet is an important issue facing our society.

Drunk Dinklage!
We're over drunk uncle, but if you bring in a drunk Peter Dinklage to even slur a mention of Game of Thrones, we're happy.

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