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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best of Host Tina Fey… and Co-Host Aaron Paul

You know it's an eventful episode of Saturday Night Live when one of the all-time great alums Tina Fey returns to host… and she's overshadowed. A ton of stuff happened in the Season 39 premiere of SNL, including the introduction of six new cast members (hey, guy from those delightful AT&T commercials!), a truly bizarre, but memorable post-show performance by Arcade Fire and not one, not two, but three cameos by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. It's not to say that the always brilliant Tina Fey wasn't good in her own right. After all, she totally killed it as the new Albanian character Blerta in the spot-on and hilarious Girls spoof and her opening number was a delight, but Saturday night…hell, the whole entire weekend belonged to Aaron Paul, didn't it?

Best: Tina Fey Welcomes in the New Kids
Seriously, can you imagine anyone better to initiate you into the famed Studio 8H than Tina Fey? Because that's exactly what happened to SNL newcomers Beck Bennett, John Milhiser, Kyle Mooney, Mike O'Brien, Noel Wells and Brooks Wheelan. Fey -- who cracked that she never actually had any memorable characters during her nine year run on the show (sorry, but I would totally pay to see Queef Latina Ruins Christmas ) -- had the new kids endure what every cast member must: a humiliating turn as a backup singer and dancer during the opening monologue. Fey gave them some sound advice ("Let your spirit die!") and looked damn good doing it.

Best: Tina Fey Welcomes Berta to Girls
Girls is an awfully easy (and apparently timeless; it's not even in season on HBO) target, but that doesn't make this spot-on spoof any less hilarious, especially Vanessa Bayer's dead-ringer impression of the motor-mouthed Shoshanna. It's Fey, however, who steals the whole thing as "new" character Blerta, an older Albanian woman with OCD (Old Cow Disease) and the unfiltered ability to say what we all want to say to Hannah: "[You're] 24? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Can Lena Dunham please write her in for at least one episode for Season 3?

Best: Aaron Paul Slings, You Guessed It, Meth
Aaron Paul was so good on SNL (have the guy host already, jeez) that he not only made the usually dead-in-the-water cold open funny (he played a young man from Jesse from New Mexico who told a tragic tale about a friend with no health insurance) but he was willing to play up his beloved Breaking Bad character all night. In the so-wrong-it's-right E-Meth commercial, Paul drops the tagline, "E-meth, you know it's good 'cause it's blue, bitch!" Yeah, bitch!

Best: Aaron Paul as Meth Nephew
With Bill Hader's Stefon gone and new co-anchor Cecily Strong's Girl You Wish You Hadn't Talked to At a Party preoccupied, Bobby Moynihan's un-PC Drunk Uncle is now, by far, the best Weekend Update correspondent. Drunk Uncle had a little help from his relative Meth Nephew (Paul, naturally) and the two made a winning, albeit out-of-sorts winning combo. (Sorry, Peter Dinklage, but Meth Nephew trumps Peter Drunklage).

Best: Arcade Fire Got Weird. Well, Weirder
Arcade Fire put on two amazing, off-beat performances (for "Reflektor" and "Afterlife") during their stint as SNL musical guests this week. But if you stayed up past the credits (and hopefully you did) then you witnessed their even more bizarre post-show avante garde performance that featured their new tunes "Here Comes the Nighttime," "We Exist" and "Normal Person." Plus, it was all set to a sexy/nightmarish dance party/fever dream, with appearances by Bono, James Franco, Rainn Wilson, Michael Cera and Ben Stiller. It was weird, it was wonderful, it was unlike anything I've seen on TV…maybe ever. Watch!

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