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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Josh Hutcherson

Aw shucks. Has there ever been an SNL host as adorable as Josh Hutcherson was this weekend? The Catching Fire star sure had a good sense of humor about himself and his small stature, making it nearly impossible not to like the guy (even if you are on Team Gale). Hutcherson may not have the most natural comic timing, but he certainly gave it his all. It was a feat all the more impressive given it was a very mixed-bag episode. For everything that did work (an '80s lip synch to The Outfield's classic "Your Love"), there was just as much that really didn't (Hutcherson bringing his turkey girlfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner). Seriously, aside from the rather mediocre opening monologue, why weren't there more Hunger Games sketches? Either way, here are the best and worst moments from Hutcherson's episode of SNL:

Best: Hutcherson "Sings" in the 80s
The best music video for The Outfield's "Your Love" that never was, Hutcherson played a lovelorn dude in the '80s who expressed himself through the timeless words of that song. I don't know whether it was the awesome period visuals, or just the use of that particular tune that made this work, but this was the funniest sketch of the night by far. Sadly, due to copyright stuff, the clip isn't available online, but you can sing along just like Josh here.

Best: Matchbox 3
I'm not sure if anyone outside of New York City found this taped segment about subway dancers as funny as those of us who endure these public transportation performances every day, but I sure hope so. Seriously, ask any New Yorker, this thing was spot-on. ("What time is it? Showtime!") Hutcherson upped the adorable ante by playing Little Peanut, wherever he may be.

Best: The Worst Lady on an Airplane
Aidy Bryant either gets pushed to the background or is front and center for dud sketches like "Girlfriends Talk Show," but she finally got to shine on Weekend Update as The Worst Lady on an Airplane. And, much like Matchbox 3, the observations about terrible people on planes likely struck a nerve with anyone who has traveled by air and endured phone users and loud movie watchers.

Worst: Piers Morgan and George Zimmerman Cold Open

I think I finally get why they call these things "cold opens": they never get a warm reception. And understandably so. This bit about guests on Piers Morgan's CNN show talking about the dreadfully unfunny topic of George Zimmerman was a terrible way to kick off the evening.

Worst: Best Buy Employees
I like Bobby Moynihan and I like Cecily Strong, but yelling does not automatically equate hilarious.

Worst: Thanksgiving Dinner
There were a lot of strange sketches and segments in this episode (Mike O'Brien interviewing bugs and Beck Bennett as a baby boss certainly come to mind), but none left as unsettling an aftertaste as Hutcherson bringing his turkey girlfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't as appalling as, say, the Kissing Family, but it's still nothing to be thankful for.

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