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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of John Goodman

John Goodman deserved so much better than this. The veteran actor and Saturday Night Live host (this weekend marked his 13th time as emcee at Studio 8H) was subjected to a mediocre episode that felt dated, at best. In fact, most of the sketches (with the exception of the exceptional H&M commercial and the uproarious Guy Fieri commercial) looked like they could have been on SNL during the heyday of Roseanne. I'm tawkin' to you, "Three Wise Guys" sketch featuring Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone that bummed me out even more than the trailers for Grudge Match. (Wait, that's not true). While I'll always love Goodman (who doesn't?!) and Kings of Leon made for pretty decent musical guests, this episode felt like as depressing as grown-ups regretting their decision to dance around as snowflakes in a Christmas pageant. Here are the best and worst moments from this weekend's ep.

Best: Obama Interpreter Cold Opener

I'm usually not fond of Kenan Thompson (the guy has the most limited range for someone who has been on SNL for this long) and cold openers -- particularly ones with Jay Pharoah's President Obama -- are typically pretty bad. But, I admit, this one with Thompson as the controversial sign language Mandela memorial service interpreter was pretty funny, if not just plain silly. Watch:

Best: Guy Fieri Christmas Special

Full disclosure: I would watch the hell out of this and the Hallmark Holiday Countdown movies . FULL THROTTLE!

Best: Drunk Uncle and Drunker Uncle

This wasn't the best Drunk Uncle, and Goodman's Drunker Uncle wasn't nearly as good as Peter Dinklage's Peter Drunklage or Aaron Paul's Meth Nephew, but it's still a damn funny character and now that Stefon is long gone, the best current recurring bit on "Weekend Update." Watch:

Best: H&M

It's hard not to chime in with "It's so true!" while watching this inspired fake H&M commercial, but dammit, it's so true. The lines there are insane, and the clothing is cheap, far too small and ALWAYS on the floor. Watch:

Worst: Three Wise Guys

This was a hard choice. Not because I liked this sketch or anything (far from) but because there were so many other worthy contenders. There was the unfunny, overused drag sketch (see, it was funny because John Goodman actually makes an ugly woman, not a hot one); there was the always-unsettling Last Call sketch (but, kudos to Kate McKinnon for always really going for it); there was the too-long Dance of the Snowflakes bit; and there was the misses-the-mark Christmas Whistle sketch. But nothing felt as stale or sad as the aforementioned Three Wise Guys sketch. All three of the men looked like they were phoning it in and it just was such outdated comedy that i couldn't even find the energy to pity laugh. Watch, if you must:




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