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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Jonah Hill

That sound you heard around 11:40 PM ET on Saturday night was the sound of every 20 and/or 30-something woman in America screaming with jealousy that Jonah Hill got to reenact the famous bough scene from Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio. That's right, his Wolf of Wall Street co-star showed up during his opening monologue and dreamed to say the words we all wished we could as Leo cradled us from behind, "Am I flying, Jack?!" Sigh, who knew you could giggle, sigh, and seethe with envy all at once? Unfortunately for Jonah -- and viewers -- his third stint as SNL host peaked with the Leo appearance (really, it could only go down from there anyway), as most of the other sketches depending on the actor yelling at the top of his lungs. Though, it did have the strongest "Weekend Update" of the season yet and a few other highlights, so here are the best and worst moments from Hill's episode featuring musical guests Bastille, who were also there:

Best: Monologue Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio
Come on, of course I was going to bring this up again. I mean you could sense that DiCaprio was going to pop up when the opening monologue was all about cast members (and Taran Killam doing his hilarious Brad Pitt impression) asking about him, but it was still surprising and exciting when he actually did. Seriously, who knew the guy had a sense of humor about himself

Worst: Men's Figure Skating
I'm usually thrilled when it's not a political cold open, but as it turns out, a sketch about how straight men would figure skate in the Olympics could be just as unfunny, dated, and off-the-mark.

Best: Weekend Update
I was hoping for a Drunk Uncle appearance with Leo, but the segment actually did just fine without them. That's because Cecily Strong is killing it as co-anchor (I could listen to her impression of a drunk fish all day), Kate McKinnon is expertly skilled at playing old Russian ladies, and there were some choice zingers about Justin Bieber's arrest and Justin Bieber's father ("He's what you'd get if Ed Hardy released a line of people").

Worst: Benihana
This sketch was the longest of the evening, and boy, could you feel it. That's because the punchline -- that 6-year-old Adam Grossman is a loud, stereotype that says things that are beyond his years and his awareness of that fact ("I'm joking, I'm 6!") -- gets drilled into your head again and again and again. Sorry, but I'll take Vanessa Bayer's Jacob the Bar Mitzvah boy over Hill's Adam Grossman any day.

Best: The Hit
There were no less than four taped segments during this episode (including the funny enough "Inside SoCal" though like "The Californians" it never lands with East Coast audiences), but none were as clever (a criminal marvels at the majesty of winter before attempting to execute a hit) or as downright hilarious ("Tapestry is my shit!") as "The Hit". The ending is as twisted and unexpected as the segment itself.

Worst: Boss Dinner
The running theme of Hill's sketches seemed to be putting him in uncomfortable situations, such as "Couples Quiz", but none were as uncomfortable to endure as "Boss Dinner." The problem was, just like the Adam Grossman sketch, we got the gag the first time and didn't really need it executed again and again (loudly, again) for five minutes. Besides, if you're gonna get weird towards the end of the night, save that for the far more hilarious and raunchy Lamborghini girls.

Split Decision: Spike Jonze Trailer
Her spoofs and parodies are everywhere lately (it's pretty simple, you just have to replace Scarlett Johansson's voice with someone else's and -- voila -- you've got yourself a comedy bit), so it was no surprise that SNL got in on the action either. Theirs wasn't quite as hilarious as some others I've seen popping up recently, but it did have a Superbad reunion with Hill and Michael Cera going for it. Boop:




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