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<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Lena Dunham

How you already felt about Lena Dunham going into this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live more than likely dictated how you watched and, thus, felt about the episode as a whole. If you're cool with Dunham, you probably got a kick out of the episode, but if you're not -- what appeared to be the entirety of the Internet -- you couldn't stand it. Even though I've had some issues with Girls this season, I tend to lean closer to Team Dunham, so I thought overall this was a pretty damn good episode. (Though, maybe compared to last week's Jim Parsons disaster, everything seems like a damn good episode.) Still, there were overwhelmingly better sketches than weak ones, and after a shaky monologue, Dunham settled in as the night went on. Sure, the SNL writers kind of went the obvious route with her (nudity!) but it was, overall, one of the stronger showings in 2014 so far. Here are the best and worst moments from Lena Dunham's debut as SNL host, with a little help from Liam Neeson and Jon Hamm:

Best: Ooh Child
It's no surprise that a taped segment was the best of the evening (that tends to be the case most weeks) but this one was exceptionally good. I like any sketch that takes you to a place you weren't expecting, and I definitely didn't expect the ending of a sketch that started with a group of friends singing along to the radio, only to have the GPS keep interrupting one of the passengers (played by Dunham). You'll probably never listen to this song the same way ever again.

Worst: Opening Monologue
It's not that the opening monologue was necessarily terrible, per se. It was, however, pretty uninspired. (Dunham talked about sex and how much people talk to her about sex.) The Girls star also seemed pretty nervous and unnatural for the first few moments of the episode. But, like I said, she settled in eventually.

Best: Scandal
Seriously, how the hell did it take SNL so long to do a Scandal spoof this spot-on? They had Kerry Washington on! But, hey, better late than never, right?

Worst: Jewelry Party
The premise of this sketch was doomed from the start (men's rights activist winds up at a jewelry party filled completely with women) but it was only made worse by Cecily Strong's borderline offensive, over-the-top performance.

Best: What Are You Even Doing? You're Being Crazy
Faux teen talk shows seem to be all the craze on late night comedies these days, and while SNL's other faux teen talk show "Girlfriends Talk Show" has its moments, Jimmy Fallon's "Ew!" over on The Tonight Show seemed to have all the star power. That was, until "What Are You Even Doing? You're Being Crazy." Not only did this one seem more on-the-nose than Fallon's, but it also snagged an appearance from Jon Hamm. (Apologies to show-opener Liam Neeson, but Hamm definitely had the best cameo of the night.) Nothing to "Ew!" about here.

Worst: What's Poppin'
Of the "worst" sketches of the night, this one was the most tolerable of the bunch. Of course, the horrendously uncool spoken word rhymers That's a Wrap were hardly tolerable (plus they drank all of LeGod Williams and Lil’ Taint Anthony's Sprite) but that was the gag. The main problem with this one was that it ran a tad too long.

Best: Biblical Movie
SNL had already done a stellar spoof of Girls, but turning Adam and Hannah into Adam and Eve was all sorts of inspired. Much like Adam on Girls, Adam (well, Taran Killam as Adam, anyway) stole the show again, though Shoshanna the Snake was a pretty close second.

Worst: The Katt Williams Show
The worst sketch of the night, by a landslide, belonged to "The Katt Williams Show." It was unfunny, uninspired, and complete waste of Noel Wells' awesome impression of Lena Dunham.

Best: Matthew McConaughey on Weekend Update
Well, okay, Taran Killam as Matthew McConaughey on Weekend Update, but still! Killam's impression of McConaughey was more than "alright, alright, alright." In fact, I'd say it rivals his dead-on take of Brad Pitt.




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