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<I>Smallville</I>: What We Miss From the Show’s Pilot Episode

Last week, The CW re-aired the pilot for Smallville to lead into the final episodes of the series, and it just made me nostalgic for the show's early days. This comic-book-inspired show had so much potential and plenty of charm back then, infusing high school drama with sci-fi twists. Obviously, things have changed since then, and not for the better. Here's what we miss the most:

Lex Luthor
Good or evil, he was always awesome. The show, at its start, was about Clark and Lex and their awkward childhoods, their budding friendship and how they grew to be great rivals. Without Lex, the show is missing an integral component, while his clone doesn't come close to filling the void.

Lana Lang
Lois is no substitute for the doe-eyed, ever optimistic Lana Lang we met in the very first episode. A sweet and seemingly unattainable girl next door who liked to talk to her dead parents, she inadvertently turned Clark into a bumbling mess with her kryptonite necklace. His crush on her was adorable and those pictures of her after the meteor shower still kind of break my heart a little bit.

Not that Pete was the most complex character in the world, but it was nice for Clark to have a normal friend to trust and who could keep him grounded. Of course, that was ruined when they turned Pete into a kryptonite gum-chewing freak, but at least in the pilot, Pete was just a great regular person (and Chloe was only slightly obsessive).

Old School Meteor Freaks
I'm not talking about the evil baddies with bizarre names that we've been inundated with, but the oddities who had been infected by all of the kryptonite in town. These freaks of the week were weird and fun to watch. Remember when this show was fun?

No Capes, No Costumes
Clark and the freaks were much more interesting when they were sporting jeans and T-shirts. You never knew what mysterious powers were hiding under there. Now we're stuck with a full-on, over-the-top costume parade that seems increasingly ridiculous.

Jonathan Kent
Rest in peace Mr. Kent and his strong moral values that helped shape an alien kid into a decent human being. He was such a stable force in this story, and it was a big loss when he died.

The Town of Smallville
We understand why Clark would want to leave his adopted home town for the bright lights of Metropolis, but we loved this small town, with its quaint little spots, nosy neighbors and endless farm land. We just don't see enough of the former creamed corn capital of the world any more.

Clark Kent
Clark is still on the show, but he's inching more and more towards the Superman character we all know. But I started watching this show because it wasn't just another Superman story, that it was about a potential hero who was also an awkward, daydreaming kid who just wanted to fit in, not a grown man who insists upon wearing funny outfits and hanging out at a super club house, completely out of touch from the people he thinks he's protecting.

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