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What Chris Meloni Should Do Instead of <I>Law & Order: SVU</I>

Reports are saying that Chris Meloni is done with his very lengthy run on Law & Order: SVU and while this is probably devastating news for die hard fans of that show, we're excited that it gives the talented actor a chance to spread his wings and do something else for a while. He was amazing on Oz and cracks us up on Sesame Street and in the Harold and Kumar movies (not to mention his sweater-fondling work in Wet Hot American Summer). So here are the other shows that we think should scoop Chris Meloni up stat.

Sons of Anarchy -- In a biker jacket? Hell, yeah.

Glee -- A rival for Sue Sylvester? He's already played one nutty gym teacher in a certain Nickelodeon movie that shall not be named.

Game of Thrones -- He looks like a long-lost Stark family member.

How I Met Your Mother -- Have we ever truly specified that the mother was a woman and not a man in drag?

True Blood -- There's a new sheriff in town.

Dexter -- Another new bad guy! Because why not? That show's already got everyone else.

The Biggest Loser - Yeah, they've got Anna Kournikova, but does she have mega-arms like Chris Meloni? Hardly.

Grey's Anatomy -- A new doctor. He's more convincing as an authority figure than Patrick Dempsey.

30 Rock -- Liz Lemon needs a new boyfriend.

House -- Because we need some reason to continue watching that damned stupid show.

Breaking Bad - He used to bust drug dealers, and now he's become one.

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