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B.J. Novak Has Gone Hollywood, Is <I>So</I> Over <I>The Office</I> Not exactly earth-shattering Office news, but I count myself as one of Ryan's loyal fans, so here we go. B.J. Novak has requested some time off from the series to film Quentin Tarantino's Nazi-slaying epic, Inglourious Basterds, and Ausiello is reporting that he may never come back, not even as a writer. There are conflicting reports -- some say he'll be back for a few more episodes this season, other insiders say he'll still write a few more episodes, but he's done playing Ryan on-screen.

I think Ryan's hilarious, but it does feel like the character has run its course. I do think the show would suffer from losing him as a writer, however. I mean, the man gave us Michael Scott's Chris Rock routine, and replaced Creed's apple with a potato. Not just anybody could write such genius! Most pressing issue in light of this news, though: with Ryan gone and Pam in NYC, who will man the reception desk? Any ideas?




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The Telefile

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