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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Thanks to the Independence Day holiday, we were free from The Bachelorette idiots and the Real Housewives of New Jersey this week, but there were still plenty of horrible people gracing our televisions. That said, for a change we're going to give a little shout-out to Lindsey on Expedition Impossible, who is probably the least heinous person ever to be on reality television. She got trampled by a camel, didn't whine, got up and then basically dragged her blistered sister up a mountain and through a river. Good going, Linds.

Mary McDonald (Million Dollar Decorators)
We get that she's a high-end decorator who may be offended by McMansions (which she quaintly still refers to as tract homes), but to spend two hours with someone insulting their taste in frosted glass and Vegas flooring before turning down their business is bad form. And what's up with dissing on the Edible Arrangements? That is some pricey fruit.

Jessica (NY Ink)
We hate whiny girls, particularly when they have no sense of the proper time and place to voice their complaints. Jessica hovered while Megan was working on a high-profile client and then refused to move when her boss told her to go back to manning the front desk. Then she got all insulted and just pouted during a photo shoot with Inked magazine because she wasn't included with the artists (a decision made by the mag, not her boss). We get that she has career goals, but she needs to learn how to judge a room first.

Peter (Love in the Wild)
For a guy on a show that is about building relationships, he sure did a crappy job at it. He didn't get along with his partner Jess and then told Vanessa that he'd pick her at the next opportunity so she could also get out of her poor coupling. But when put on the spot, he chose Erica instead. Too bad she didn't share Peter's feelings and turned him down. He and Vanessa both ended up eliminated from the show because he was too stupid to stick to a plan.

Ryan (Teen Mom)
Maci's moved on and is happily in a relationship with her new seemingly sweet boyfriend Kyle. When Ryan said he had something to ask Maci, but didn't want to insult her, we thought it was something about sex. But no. She made him text her the offending query, and it was "Is Kyle slow?" Yeah, he was right to worry that people might find that offensive.

Rachel (Big Brother)
That laugh! We thought we were rid of it, but she's back and already winning challenges and just cackling like a hyena. She was only in half the episode last night and we already wanted to claw our ears off. Particularly when she bragged about her skills on a banana (yeah, she meant that as an innuendo), gushed about her engagement to Brandon (which seems so freaking staged) and generally just acted like the self-centered person we've come to know and hate. While Evel Dick might be a dick, at least he didn't do anything yet to make us want to bash our heads into the television.

Winner: Rachel
Because she already drove us crazy for one summer, and still doesn't seem to realize what a horrible and unlikeable person she is. No one should be that oblivious.

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