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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

There were so many options this week that we had to leave off some truly deserving people. Like Big Brother's Jordan who had the chance to get hyena laughing Rachel off and didn't take it. Or Dance Mom's Cathy who drives two hours to get her kid tortured by a mean lady, and yet won't sew beads on a costume or carry her own luggage because she's a diva and clearly living vicariously through her six-year old. So with that in mind, see who did make the cut.

Ramona (Real Housewives of New York City)
We were planning on saving these ladies for the sure-to-be-insane reunion special, but then Ramona had to go and take a pregnancy test... DURING a party.... ON A BOAT, to draw as much attention to herself as possible. Pee on a stick in the privacy of your own home. So gross. And really, at 54? You think a late period means your pregnant? We're with Jill on this one.

Janet (Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition)
Like these overweight people don't have enough issues with self-confidence, here comes Janet, the least supportive mom we've seen on this series. She basically wrote off her kid when she got fat, and then didn't have the decency to see that her 32-year-old daughter might be struggling raising a family with a husband who had a stroke. When confronted with the fact that her daughter might die from obesity complications, she said she wanted her to lose the weight not so she'd live, but so that she didn't get saddled with taking care of the grandkids. And when Staci lost almost the weight of a grown adult, she basically shrugged and seemed like she should be applauded for even acknowledging her fat daughter's existence -- she has other children, you know.

Crystal Harris (Hef's Runaway Bride)
Because no one should ever make us feel bad for Hugh Hefner. No one.

Steven Adler (Celebrity Rehab)
It seems that Steven thinks that Celebrity Rehab is some sort of competition reality show? Because he keeps calling out Amy Fisher for not sharing enough of her pain. If she doesn't talk, she's not really an addict, or enough of an addict for his liking. In his deluded mind, the one who suffers the most, or put the most toxic chemicals in the body and lived, wins.

Kim G. (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Kim G., you are never going to be one of the girls. Stop trying to stir up trouble just for fun. This week she brought the wife of the lawyer that was suing Juicy Joe to a holiday party at Teresa's brother's house. And then refused to ask her guest politely to leave. Instead, she made a big scene and did her camera hogging. As usual.

Winner: Steven Adler
While we want to give him points for his on-the-nose remark about Amy needing to be numb to do XXX porn, making drug and alcohol addiction into some sort of game really isn't going to help anyone at the end of the day.

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