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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Elvis has left the building. Not as quickly as we wanted him to, but still. Here's the worst of the worst from reality TV this past week, but who was the biggest loser of them all?

Elvis (LA Ink)
We thought we were rid of the "actors" on this show with Craig and his rival tattoo shop gone, but in walked Elvis the general contractor/artist who wanted to make dragon shelves. Let him smash holes through the walls with a sledgehammer and make a general nuisance of himself somewhere else -- preferably not televised.

Josh M. (Project Runway)
Josh has some unresolved emotional issues from the death of his mother a few years ago and we're really sorry about that, but it doesn't excuse him for acting like an egotistical jerk all the time. A few weeks ago he blew up at harmless little seamstress Becky and this week he went off on Bert in the most needlessly overdramatic way possible.

Elise (Hell's Kitchen)
She's been getting under our skin all season but this week, we started to wonder if she had some bipolar tendencies. She was perfectly fine while having a reward dinner with Will, but the second she got back to the house and had to help plan a menu, she freaked the hell out. She screamed at everyone about trying to take control (no one, aside from her, was actually trying to do that) and then proceeded to make everyone's life a living hell. And somehow we're stuck with her for another week. Thanks a heap, Gordon.

Ken (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
A grown man who carries around a pocket-sized dog had the nerve to tell the emotionally fragile Taylor that her husband was weak because he went to therapy to work on his marriage. But that wasn't the really terrible part; where he got awful was when he took offense to Kyle using the word "offended" to describe how Taylor felt about his comments. Dude, just say you're sorry and get over it.

Erica (Bachelor Pad)
Kasey bullied Vienna into having sex (or "cuddling") on national television, but still it was Erica who really grossed us out this week. She attempted to woo Blake by telling him (and the entire house) flat out that she wanted to have sex with him, and that she had lingerie. And that if he didn't have sex with her, they'd be sealing their death warrant in the house. Erica! Stop being so disgusting. He's just not that into you.

Winner: Josh M.
Bert's not the easiest guy to get along with, but all he was trying to say was that he would have liked it if people had at least looked at his pattern before dismissing it. Then Josh went on a tirade about profanity (grow the eff up) and proclaimed himself the leader of all things. Even worse? He seemed not to learn a lesson from the judges' lecture on how to be a team player and not an a-hole. Maybe he needs some more Tim Gunn handholding sessions.

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