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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

These men were working our last nerve this week.

Maksim (Dancing With the Stars)
Bruno compared Chaz to a penguin, which was pretty awful, but he's already facing the wrath of Cher, so we can focus our energies on the childish behavior of Maks, who threw a tantrum on national television. He reamed out the judges for doing their job and then claimed that the show was all about him. His fellow dancers weren't exactly charmed by this behavior, and we're guessing that his broken toe is a little bit of karma.

Rodger (The Rachel Zoe Project)
He's kind of a tool to begin with (running around shrieking about someone killing his unborn baby with hairspray?), but this week he called his wife into the room to make him a sandwich. The wife who keeps him employed and in the lifestyle he's become accustomed to? The wife who just had a baby? The wife who didn't kill him for taking off for Vegas when she was nine months pregnant? And then he quibbled about rehiring someone who is clearly talented? Also: don't invite people over for a BBQ to show your gratitude and then yell at them for improper grilling practices, or actually eating the food that's been served.

Dad (I Used to Be Fat)
I don't even think we learned his name, but the parents on I Used to Be Fat know how to cut to the quick this season. This week's charmer walked out of his daughter's graduation (for no real reason) and left her at her college orientation in a different state with no money or way to get home because she wasn't paying enough attention to him. Instead of apologizing to her afterward, he told her that he was focusing on himself. Selfish jerk.

Zach (The Real World)
He hasn't exactly made his homophobia a secret, but Gay Pride Week is really bringing out the worst in him. He refused to go to a highlighter party because gay people might touch him and write on his clothes, and he can't handle that. He also refused to help out at an event to support gays in the military and called one of his friends to confirm his righteous decision. And when his new employers insisted that he work at a gay-themed event, he stewed angrily in the corner. Oh, and there's the little matter of him wanting to "beat the gay out" of Sam with a paddle.

Coach (Survivor)
We were all ready to rip into the snowboarders on The Amazing Race for their dismissive comments about Buddhism, but then Coach went and one-upped them. That man can always be counted on to take questionable moral ethics to the next level. He decided that instead of honestly revealing that he had already found the hidden immunity idol while, he gathered his team in a prayer circle and asked God for help in finding it. First, God likely has better things to do with his/her time than helping you get further in a reality show. Second, you are asking God for something you already have in order cover up your outright lie? God may have a special place for people like you.

Winner: Zach
Not only did he threaten to gay-bash a woman whose friend had just been in a terrible car accident because he didn't want to stop playing Ping-Pong, but he also got miffed when Ashley had a higher-ranking position at work than he did. Homophobic and misogynistic. Can we find one more thing to add before the end of the season?

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