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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

So many awful people. Just in time for the holidays!

Heather (Top Chef)
Beverly might be a super annoying contestant (and trust us, we would not want to work with her, either), but Heather was a passive aggressive bully during the competition, and then outright obnoxious about throwing Bev under the bus in the stew room. Maybe she should have waited until she found out that she had won before worrying about taking other people down.

Katie (Toddlers & Tiaras)
We were ready to love this mom who takes her kids to drag shows, but then she said she only had children so that she could put them in pageants. She was majorly bummed that her first kid was a boy, until she discovered she could dress him up like he was going to be in a Motherboy pageant. She also home-schools her kids, which is completely fine, but don't feed your children Grimm-style stories about public school teachers. She also diapers her giant dog, so he doesn't make a mess in the house.

Lola (Work of Art)
Because of course she thinks that random people on the street want pictures of her naked and to know her dirty little secrets about waxing (or not) her bikini area. We were delighted that she didn't rake in the most cash, because no one should be rewarded for obnoxious behavior.

Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)
We've been waiting for this show to come back because of her, and she sure delivered by sneaking out with her disgusting boyfriend, swearing up a storm and screaming in front of her child and getting herself kicked out of the house for disobeying the one thing she had to do. And she couldn't even obey curfew so she could watch her kid. She's awful.

Taylor (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
She obviously has a lot of emotional issues, but that doesn't mean a poor limo driver should have to suffer for it. She screamed at him that he needed to stop so she could smoke, and that was after she went off the handle in a seemingly unstable way at a party filled with her frenemies.

Winner: Jenelle's probably going to have a permanent spot on this list, but this week, Katie from Toddlers and Tiaras takes the top prize (and no, it doesn't come with a giant glittery crown). Her winning line was about her tiny daughter: "I've had her performing 'Poker Face' on the bar at Applebees." Classy.

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