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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle got a reprieve this week, even though she was her normal drain on society. The commercial for next week promises she'll make a spectacular return. Here's who was horrible in her stead:

The Situation (Jersey Shore)
He fell asleep in the back of a restaurant during his friend's birthday dinner. Is he narcoleptic? Otherwise, there's no excuse. He pawned off a girl he didn't want on to Pauly, made no attempt to care about Vinny's departure and just whined the whole episode about how no one cared about him. How could he ever have predicted that behaving like an instigating relationship-destroyer for several years would come back to bite him?

Shawntel (The Bachelor)
We'd like to send her a copy of He's Just Not That Into You. She crashed the Bachelor pad to win Ben's affection and made no convincing argument of why she should stay, other than saying that she thought they had a connection the one time they had met. Did they hook up and he never called her afterwards? Off screen, there might be more going on than we know, but on air, she mostly she just sucked time out of an already long episode in a truly annoying way.

Steven Tyler (American Idol)
Normally, we're indulgent of his bizarre banter and nonsensical ramblings, but there's something horribly wrong about him calling a 15-year-old girl "hot, humid and happenin'." We can't use the "Oh, he's a rock star" defense on that one. Particularly since her father was in the room.

Paul Fisher (ReModeled)
His show steals from Tabatha's Salon Takeover and Kitchen Nightmares, while his entitled behavior is obnoxious as he just waltzes into modeling agencies and immediately dismisses everything about them (and it's not even clear if those are his agencies or what). He's rude and annoying and doesn't even have the decency to come up with colorful insults like Ramsay.

Indashio (24 Hour Catwalk)
Where to start? He stole all of the supplies during the first challenge, even the scissors. He was rude to the team of people who were tasked to help him by sewing. He named his clothing items things like "Sexy Sex Sexy" and "Freaky Freak Freak 'Em." And he spent most of his time creating an outfit for himself. But his most heinous moment was having a hissy fit in front of the judges who were trying to constructively criticize the abuse of pleather that was set in front of them. And he kept using the phrase "titty tassle." For that alone he'd have made our list.

Honorable Mention: Kim & Ken (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
Kim honestly thought that she was three months pregnant, refused to take a test, dismissed the very rational idea of menopause and hogged the one ladies' room at a restaurant opening. And her boyfriend Ken creepily hovered over her and insisted upon being involved in every moment of her life. No wonder she's desperate to get away from his borderline abusive controlling behavior.

Winner: The Situation
Are we supposed to feel sorry for this insufferable grown man who pouts because people don't like him, all the while he's getting paid to hang out at that house regardless of whether or not he speaks to anyone?

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