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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Look at Jenelle, becoming one of the most tolerable people on Teen Mom 2.

Leah (Teen Mom 2)
We usually defend her, but come on, she slept with her ex a week before her wedding and kept it a secret and then somehow made Corey out to be the bad guy in their relationship.

Adrian (The Biggest Loser)
Last week, we thought people were being rude to him, but he's a stubborn jerk who refused to listen to any of his team members, take any advice from anyone and tried to sell his team out at the first available opportunity. We hate to say it, but Conda may have been right about him.

Jill (Dance Moms)
Her gifts for Abby have really gone too far. They've turned into outright bribes and led to us having to watch Abby Lee Miller get a massage, which showed us a side of her we never wanted to see. Abby herself seemed unusually tame this week, if you overlook her brutal ousting of Payton.

Courtney (The Bachelor)
Aside from her typical catty comments in interviews about pretty much everyone, she also decided to interrupt Jamie's alone time with Ben by wearing the tiniest swimsuit she could find and making an ass out of herself splashing around in the pool. It's just obnoxious at this point.

Alisha (American Idol)
Gee, no one wants to be in a group with a cop? Or is it that no one wants to be around an inflexible bitch who only wants to sing "Joy to the World" or "Stuck Like Glue" and who screams at the top of her lungs until she bullies her way into a group.

Winner: Courtney
This is probably not what she was thinking when she said she was "winning." She lost us the second she took her top off in front of a group of poor innocent villagers. That and painting cutesy faux-girly crap on Ben's back just made us want to gag.

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