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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Bad tippers are the worst.

Jill (Dance Moms)
Poor Kendall got the short end of the stick yet again because her mother is a maniacal nightmare. Jill was upset about the fact that her daughter was put back on probation (which was Jill's own fault, BTW) so she took her from Abby Lee's studio, high-tailed it to Candy Apples and willingly threw herself at Cathy's feet to let her daughter directly compete against one of her best friends. That poor kid is going to learn nothing about work ethic and have no friends.

Lisa Lampanelli (Celebrity Apprentice)
We like Lisa, but she really was over reaching to expect Victoria Gotti to know how to use a computer and how to spell medieval. Honestly, Lisa. And then putting Victoria in a corner by making her in charge of creative instead of letting her do something fun was just asking for failure. Even worse, the ridiculous staged setting of Medieval Times was our best chance to see Victoria and Teresa have it out, and Lisa denied us that.

Kacie (The Bachelor)
We used to like Kacie but then she returned to beg Ben to take her back, or at least explain why he dumped her, in great detail. The kicker was the way she fell down in the hallway and started bawling. It was appalling behavior for a grown woman and especially ridiculous because it was over that dopey Ben.

Slade (Real Housewives of Orange County)
The biggest hanger-on in the world, he decided to exploit his status as a bed-hopper on this franchise by doing a stand-up act where he called himself a housewife hunter. Most of his jokes were about his magical penis. Disgusting and worse, not funny.

Mike "The Situation" (Jersey Shore)
We're not putting Sitch on here for trying to break up Snooki and Jionni but because we're tired of hearing him talk about it instead of actually do it. Follow through, dude and don't blame your stalling on Unit's public intoxication and subsequent unavailability. You really want to give Jionni a head's up? Call him on the stupid duck phone and be done with it. Go old school Jersey Shore and leave him an anonymous note. Dragging out this storyline is just one of the reasons we hate this season.

Winner: The Situation
For all of his aforementioned behaviors and because he gave some poor delivery guy a protein shake in lieu of a tip. He makes millions of dollars and he can't find a few bucks for some guy working for minimum wage?

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