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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Rough week to be a horse.

Aubrey (Celebrity Apprentice)
Aubrey O'Day pulled a Jonny Fairplay by using a tragic, but made-up, story about her mom being in a car accident in order to help her team win. Using family members and tears in order to further yourself on a stupid reality show is just despicable, no matter what's at stake.

Rachel (The Amazing Race)
We thought she wouldn't be entirely obnoxious on this show, but we should have known that the two-time Big Brother famewhore wouldn't let us down. During a parallel-parking debacle, she started screaming at her partner Brendon, threatened to quit the race (which she didn't, much to our dismay) and then tried to break off the engagement. The reason for this overdramatic posing? This show isn't like being on Big Brother again. The problems with this girl's mental state are endless, and we worry that she thinks her entire life will be televised. (Though, with our luck, it actually will be.)

Landon (Full Metal Jousting)
Luck wasn't the only place for horse-related animal cruelty this week, as Full Metal Jousting had its share when Landon decided to punch a horse in the head because it accidentally stepped on his foot. The worst part of it was is that when the mentors told him he was going home because he broke their established zero tolerance policy on horse mistreatment, he said that he did the right thing and would do it again.

Louise (America's Next Top Model)
Who storms off on Cat Deeley? This weird insecure Brit, who threw a fit over her hair last week and got into a battle with Kelly Cutrone this week, that's who. Kelly is insanely rude, but she was offering somewhat constructive criticism on how to behave like a proper person, and Louise just jammed her fingers in her mouth like a child and then just left when the judges told her she needs to try harder. She'd better hope those London agencies don't have access to this show.

Mondo (Project Runway)/The Situation (Jersey Shore)
They both make the list because they were whiny insufferable brats the moment they didn't get their way. Mondo thought he was the only person who had to deal with stress and was rude to his fellow designers (though they all have a host of outside concerns as well). Plus, he was an unpleasant dinner guest who up and left while everyone else was still eating. Sitch, meanwhile was mad that Vinny and Pauly had pranked him and allowed his clothing and bed get soaked in a rainstorm instead of just moving his stuff inside like everyone else did. Both were irritating spoilsports.

Winner: Landon
You don't get to beat up a defenseless animal and then try and blame them.

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