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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Some people get worse as they get older.

Sarah (The Real Housewives of Orange County)
Gretchen's little hanger-on decided to stir up trouble at a bowling and champagne party with Vicki. Even Gretchen told her to quit it. We hate that her arguing style is just repeating the same incorrect information over and over again. Be a better fighter, or don't bother trying with these bitches.

AzMarie (America's Next Top Model)
If you are going on a show with arguably the most ridiculous host on the planet, you'd better check your dignity at the door. AzMarie thought she was too classy to sport butt pads for Tyra's Booty Tooching lesson, so despite the fact that she was the most gorgeous one of all, she got kicked to the curb. Don't mess with Tyra's booty, ladies.

Reza's Grandmother (Shahs of Sunset)
We understand that people are very sensitive about their religious beliefs, but Reza's awful grandma really took it to the next level. She not only disowned Reza when he was a child, but also made Reza's own dad turn his back on his son because he wasn't technically Jewish. Willing to overlook her own son's infidelities and such, but not willing to acknowledge her grandkid? Classy, grams.

Shannen Doherty (Shannen Says)
Even though she's notorious for her terrible on-set behavior, we thought she might keep it in check on her own reality show. And indeed, she made an effort... until she started screaming at her future husband because he had the nerve to spend an hour with his friends on family day, tortured and taunted him when he injured his knee and made him sleep in an actual doghouse --after taking away the dogs.

Tiffany (Love for Sail)
If they ever do a Bad Girls Club for older women, we nominate Tiffany. She's constantly drinking, acts desperate and often has no recollection of any of her misdeeds. She staked her claim on some very young guy and then got proprietary when someone else started talking to him (even though he was clearly not interested in Tiffany). Then she was easily distracted by a drink and a guy complimenting her. She's a dangerous combination of low self-esteem, obnoxious shrew and alcoholic.

Winner: Shannen
Not just because of how she treated Kurt (since he got himself in this situation), but also because she insisted that all of her wedding guests wear black or risk being escorted out by a bouncer. No yellow allowed at this bridezilla's wedding. To top it off, she horrified David Tutera (the sweetest wedding planner on earth) by agreeing to provide dresses for people to change into, but not before suggesting that they rent them for $15 bucks if they really wanted to attend. No wonder she never received any wedding gifts at her previous nuptials.

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