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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

People need to stop whining, or get off our damned television.

Joe Giudice (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Teresa may not know how to apologize for her stupid cookbook, but at least she knows better than to fight in front of her kids. On the other hand, Juicy Joe is the Mucinex slug personified, having no shame talking about spending a night out with other women in front of his daughters, and not even bothering to deny his sliminess to Teresa. Gia was openly horrified, as were we.

Jeremy (The Biggest Loser)
What a sulky little brat. He almost quit the show because he didn't want people to get a second chance, and then continued to complain about it after he decided to stay. Maybe he should take another look at that contract. He even pushed his sister away to wallow in his misery, and she's probably one of two people on the planet who can stand him. But he really outdid himself by talking incessantly for an hour in order to psych out fellow competitors. We feel for Alison Sweeney because she had to listen to his obnoxious ranting for that whole time as well.

Art & JJ (The Amazing Race)
They were awful last week. And somehow even worse this week. They were so disgruntled about Rachel and Dave not keeping their word that they just wouldn't let it go. Drop it, dudes. They also made some charming misogynistic comments about why men can't dance like women and a woman's ability to play sports that made them even less endearing, if that was possible.

RuPaul (RuPaul's Drag Race)
When RuPaul promised to provide answers to the Willam scandal during the reunion, we grumbled, but figured the show needed some way to guarantee viewers. But last week, after letting the final three lipsync for their lives and telling us that we'd find out who got crowned, the sneaky bitch pulled a fast one and said the winner wouldn't be announced until the reunion. We've got some serious shade we'd like to throw in her direction.

The Organizers of Circle City Wild West Showdown (Toddlers & Tiaras)
We're used to this show having crazy moms and depressing children -- this week even featured eight-year-old Daisy Mae saying "facial beauty is the most important thing, in life and in pageants" -- but the organizers of the Circle City pageant went so far as to give away a live animal as a prize. Add puppies to the list of things this show has officially exploited.

Winner: RuPaul
Because when Probst makes us wait to find out the winner on the Survivor reunion, we expect it (and don't have to wait more than a few minutes), but what Ru did was pull the rug out from under us on a show that used to be silly fun. Way to ruin our guilty pleasure and make us want to chuck our stilettos at the screen.

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