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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Learning to fly... or at least coping with someone forcing you on a plane.

Ashlee (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Putting aside the idiotic new way she's decided to spell her name, or the tragic new hair color she's sporting, she's also just the worst human being. She's so useless that when her mom and stepdad try and ship her off, and she can't even do that right. She missed a flight because she was busy looking for snacks (and called for a ride, seemingly before the flight left), and then nearly missed her second flight because of prescription drugs. Just go away already.

Aubrey (Celebrity Apprentice)
She tried to make Arsenio tap dance and didn't see why that could be construed as racist, dressed like a slutty cheerleader (against everyone's advice), ignored her project manager, redid the entire staging to better focus on her breasts and then got angry when Arsenio dared to disagree with her.

Kat (Survivor)
We normally don't like to put people who are just dumb on this list, but she's dumb and heinous. Instead of taking deserving castaways on the family reward, she picked people who would most enjoy partying. Then she sullenly pouted after she lost a challenge and refused to high-five the winner, Kim. And then moments after saying she didn't understand why people were picking on her, she talked about how much she loved blindsides. We do, too. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

Christina Aguilera (The Voice)
Why does she hate Tony Lucca so much? It's really peculiar. Her off-base critiques of him are completely out of line with what the other judges have to say (and obviously how America is voting) and just seem to be based on some anger issues from their old days at the Mickey Mouse Club. She also isn't even competent at judging, as she wussed out and gave her two people the same score, instead of actually owning up to her opinions.

Willam (RuPaul's Drag Race)
After making us wait all this time, she's going with the story that she slept with her boyfriend in violation of the rules and that's why she got kicked off the show? There's something fishy there, and after all of this forced drama, we really don't even care anymore.

Winner: Aubrey. The longer she stays on the show, the bigger her ego gets. And she's started making some questionable comments that too-often get overlooked, like "Homeboy is shifty!" regarding her African-American project manager. Also, her strategy of flirting and showing her cleavage is a terrible example for future businesswomen.

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