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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We're tempted to put all of the people responsible for Duets on this list for making such a crappy show, and getting us to watch by putting the adorable Kelly Clarkson on it, but looking up their names would mean we'd have to invest even more of our time in that terrible mess.

Vicki (The Real Housewives of Orange County)
Vicki "planned" a trip to Costa Rica (which is not in Mexico, Alexis), but arranged for the girls to transfer like eight times and then take a shuttle bus just to get there, even though there was an airport near the hotel. Sure, that's how us ordinary folks travel, but if you are planning a trip for these ladies, you don't make them waste a whole day en route to their destination. Also, Vicki's singing was so obnoxious and she was a hypocrite about when it was proper to say words like "penis" in public. And by now she should just know that bawdy language is an integral part of Tamra's vocabulary.

David (The Catalina)
Can we sue him for sexual harassment on behalf of every woman in the world? This owner encouraged people to have sex by the pool, made comments about all his employees, threatened to deport someone if they didn't play beach volleyball, then got everyone drunk and apparently blacked out the memory. So glad someone else seems to be in charge of actually getting things done because, otherwise, this place would close down in two weeks.

Ryan/Kalon/Alessandro (The Bachelorette)
Emily hit the trifecta this week. Ryan said that he would only continue to date her if she was skinny. Kalon chastised her for interrupting him when he was talking about what a burden her child would be. And Alessandro was honest, but insulting, when he told her that her kid wasn't exactly his dream, and that if they were married, it would cramp his devil-may-care style. What a bunch of immature idiots.

Alison (Breaking Pointe)
She tortured Rex by manipulating him with her on-again/off-again flirtation and then hit on other guys at the club in front of him... moments after he told her that he loved her. Just be honest with the dude, since he's clearly clueless. Then she got all jealous of Beckanne's obvious talent and decided to insult her fat feet. We wouldn't be surprised if Beckanne started starving herself because of her hurt feelings.

Drita (Mob Wives)
She almost made this list last week with her storming off the reunion and starting trouble with Ramona and Karen, so we thought she'd do something awesomely offensive in the follow-up episode. Instead, she sort of fizzled. No punches nad only a few profane words? We expect much worse from her. She actually scares us when she's too nice.

Winner: The idiots from The Bachelorette, because three is always better than one. And because they all seemed to forget that they were on this show ostensibly to win Emily's heart... and not insult her.

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