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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Can we make a list of reasons we don't like Ryan?

Caroline (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
Mother of the year over here decides to continue to humiliate her daughter in the most public forum of all, no doubt giving her severe body dysmorphia for years to come. Caroline berates Lauren for going off her diet and eating a fruit cup (yes, a fruit cup) and then says to her, and we quote: "You have to lose a couple of pounds. So what? It doesn't make you a failure. It makes you a little chunk-a-mug! That's all you are!"

Alex (The Glass House)
You want to be a reality villain? Great, but don't go asking America permission to do it. And be slightly more subtle in your tactics than calling girls fat or slutty on national TV. Come up with more creative ways to take down the household. When you are making Survivor's Lil Russell look calculating, you are not doing a great job.

Jenny (Love in the Wild)
We'd have sent her packing if we were in Ben's shoes, too. This annoying girl apparently never heard the adage about catching more flies with honey. When she found out there was another woman competing for her partner's affections, she bitched, complained, tried to throw competitions and generally was obnoxious to be around. She didn't even enjoy the gorgeous sailing trip or beautiful oasis, because she was just that ungrateful and doesn't know like to share. Actual children behave less petulantly.

Aviva (Real Housewives of New York)
She changed her child's name when it was several months old. That's not normal, no matter what the shrink she talked to might have told her. Pick a name, stick with it and don't be all wishy-washy. The fact that she also thought about changing her daughter's name well after the fact shows she really learned no lesson at all.

Ryan (The Bachelorette)
This smarmy dude tried hard to schmooze Emily, but then he told his dream trophy wife that he penned a list of things he wanted in a woman, which he had written during his downtime. Our favorite item: "Someone that's a servant." Sure he meant to her family, but the word choice was unfortunate. Also unfortunate was that he pointed out that he'd purposely put his multiple physical requirements far down on the list. No wonder he got summarily dumped.

Winner: Caroline
"Chunk-a-mug" wins this round without question.

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