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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Guess these people didn't think being decent was their patriotic duty this week.

Chris (The Bachelorette)
With his barely contained aggression and his polka dancing, how could Emily have possibly let this guy go? The sourpuss look on his face as he bitterly bitched about being dumped was enough to earn him a spot on this list. Plus, he looked like he was on the verge of punching a wall and trying to force Emily to love him.

Jeffrey (Glass House)
It's not that we think Jeffrey is wrong about his position on Prop 8, but turning that into a fight with Andrea and trying to get the entire house to vote her off because he disagreed with her Mormon religious beliefs wasn't cool. Have a healthy debate, voice your opinions, but use your brain to concoct a decent strategy instead of making a rash decision.

Amy (Miss Advised)
We don't have to wonder why she's single after seeing how she's acted recently on dates. Especially this week, where she went out on a blind date and immediately started critiquing the guys's conversation topics. Then she asked him if he'd ever seen a matchmaker and offered up her services. We're sure that's exactly what he was hoping for.

Sonja (Real Housewives of New York)
She has no funds for a housekeeping staff, or a personal assistant, so instead she hires interns and uses them as her unpaid slaves. They have to sort her vitamins and deal with all manner of cleaning and personal issues. What kind of college credit are they getting for this internship exactly? And what are they learning? How to order booze and cook with a toaster oven?

Seth (Pregnant in Heels)
A lot of the dads on this show are nervous, but this guy wanted his child to be flexible so he didn't have to change his lifestyle at all. During a test run with a robo-baby at a winery, he yelled at his wife to get the baby to cry, pouted because he was missing the tour and sat and drank while she dealt with the problems. Good thing Rosie Pope finally set him straight, or we'd be ready to call Child Protective Services.

Winner: Sonja
Last we checked, indentured servitude wasn't legal.

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