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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We haven't had enough time to hate Big Brother's Willie Hantz properly yet... there's always next week.

Paula (Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition)
What an unsupportive mother. She put copious amounts of food in front of her dieting 20-year-old and seemed to blame her for showing how her family eats. She screamed at her kid for exercising (treadmills are very loud) and made every attempt to derail her daughter's progress, and/or undermine her burgeoning confidence. Even when Ashley finished her year-long journey and looked amazing, she didn't seem all that happy for her. Well, except for the 50 grand Walmart gift card that she was clearly angling for a piece of.

Ann & Bonnie (Cheer Perfection)
These two moms spent the whole episode fighting about whose child deserved to be on some prestigious team, not because they wanted their child to do well or be a star (though they also put their kids in pageants), but because they wanted to be able to pull rank at the gym. So they make their kids do about 100 backflips and practice for 12 hour long they can become the godfather of the regional cheer gym.

Robb (Real World: St. Thomas)
He told his girlfriend back home that they weren't exclusive, giving her a free pass, but then got pissed when she actually went and had sex with someone else. Even though he was cuddling and flirting with his roommate Marie. But he acted like an idiot and destroyed a poor unsuspecting phone in the process. How is that phone to blame?

Tamara/Vicki/Alexis/Gretchen (Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion)
Sure, Tamara made us laugh with her "Jesus Juggs" comment, but these four blondes just spent the hour screaming at each other incessantly mostly about the proper ways to display your wealth without sounding like you are bragging. Tamara called Vicki a bad friend because of her gross boyfriend, Vicki got jealous of Gretchen getting Tamara's attention, Gretchen thinks Alexis should be more humble, Alexis insists that her husband isn't controlling, despite what Tamara might think. And round and round they go, inserting the word "hypocrite" about a hundred million times. Can we stop this ride so we can get off?

Anthony (Snooki & JWOWW)
When you manage to gross out Snooki and JWOWW with a story about a sex encounter that seemingly involved something scatological, you know you are a disgusting human being. Combine that with the fact that was a handyman who did a half-assed job of hanging up curtains with duct tape and still expected to get paid.

Winner: Paula
She took offense to the TV cameras exposing her eating habits, offense to her daughter being given an opportunity to be healthy and made everything all about her. Mothers aren't supposed to be this selfish. And given what a deadbeat dad Ashley had already, she didn't need another terrible parent in the mix as well.

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