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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Somehow a virgin manages to be one of the creepiest people we've seen in a while.

Debra (Teen Mom)
Farrah's a nightmare, but this week we got to see her sister Ashley and she is also inexplicably horrible to her mother. That leads us to believe that since Debra raised these two obnoxious young ladies, she may be at the root of this problem. Also, she has zero sense of humor, starts fights with ther daughters at inopportune moments and lets a baby paint a dog with nail polish, all because actually being a responsible adult is too much of a challenge for this passive aggressive woman. When you make Butch look like a halfway decent parent, you know you've got problems.

Ramona (Real Housewives of New York)
She calls Heather phony, but then goes and hugs her frenemy LuAnn because that makes so much sense. The worst part is that she yells at Heather at a party, then when Heather tries to ask for an explanation, she screeches, refuses to make eye contact and walks away from her. She's rude, clearly delusional and just looking to find ways to be the center of attention at all times.

Skippy (Virgin Diaries)
At first we thought it was just sad that Skippy was a 34-year-old Mormon virgin who lives in his mom's basement. But then he started showing off how he collects lint for his belly button lint collection (it's in a jar) and proudly presented his homemade line of t-shirts, including the one that says "I made out with Skippy for three minutes" that he gives to women as souvenirs. We started to get concerned that there was some lotion in the basket somewhere about the time he took his mom to a club with him (wearing a "Wing-Mom" shirt) to scope out women, to whom he danced with and gave stickers proclaiming his awesomeness. Then he started begging girls to make out with him and/or go on dates and we just felt like we needed a very long shower. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that he brings a hair dryer with him to a club, so he can deal with his poor sweat gland issues in the hallway between dances, and that his idea of dating involves bringing a girl to his basement and having some gross dirty dude play guitar for her while Skippy molests her during a slow dance.

Kalon (The Bachelorette)
This charmer hasn't changed his ways since leaving the show. Instead of going on the "Men Tell All" special and sheepishly apologizing for his actions, he made matters worse by tweeting a picture of a baggage claim with the text saying he was surprised the Emily wasn't there. Then he passed it off as "humor" and said he was flattered she followed him on Twitter. Douche.

Mike (The Glass House)
We're not entirely sure why Mike started screaming the F word at Joy repeatedly and making her cry because the show has such limited time that everything is really poorly edited, so we can't be sure she didn't start this war. But who really deserves to be treated like that? No wonder America thought he sucked so much that he landed in the bottom two.

Winner: Debra
She fell asleep, left a baby with nail polish well within reach and didn't make any attempt to clean up the poor innocent puppy. Also, what would have happened if the baby had drunk the polish? She's irresponsible and tried to blame it on her daughters for not putting the polish away, whereas a good grandma would have put it out of the baby's reach.

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