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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Some people don't need to be seen or heard.

Julia (Miss Advised)
Can't imagine why she's still single. After one date, she bullied a guy into flying to from San Francisco to L.A. so she could show him off to her friends, and then this week she flew to San Francisco and all but demanded a promise ring from him. On their third date.

Butch (Teen Mom)
For the first time, we're putting someone who didn't even appear on the latest episode of their show on the list, because he really deserved it. He violated his parole by going to see his wife, and then proceeded to put her head through some drywall before choking her with a bath towel. And he sent his son a text message saying that he loved cocaine more than he loved him.

George (Real Housewives of New York)
Aviva's dad is your prototypical dirty old man. He made comments (during dinner) about wanting to give Carole her first squirting orgasm, and then made Sonja blush when he accosted her on the bed and showed off that he didn't need Viagra to get things going. His innuendo and behavior made everyone, including us, uncomfortable.

Erica and Brittany (Bachelor Pad)
These obnoxious girls were useless on Bachelor Pad and may go down as the least sexy twins of all time (though we should have realized that after remembering that they had hooked up with The Situation during the Italy season of Jersey Shore). They battled all night (in really whiny voices) about wanting to leave (mostly because one of them had her period) and kept everyone in the house from sleeping. Just shut up, pack your bags and go, like non-famewhores would.

Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles)
He's getting to be more and more of an ass as the season goes along. The demeaning and schmoozy way he talks to his clients makes us glad that we don't have a high-end property to hawk, especially considering how he makes owners settle for a lot less money. But he really earned his spot this week when he went to a listing of Madison's and yelled at him like the big bully he is. He may have fancy suits, but he's got a bad attitude.

Winner: Butch
In this case, watching April reenact her horrific beating to her children and seeing Tyler's sad little face was more than enough to give this off-screen villain the crown.

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