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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

While June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has developed into the most fascinating person on TV, these other people were just horrible.

Chris (Bachelor Pad)
He dissed his partner Blakeley (who he normally "sleeps" with) to hook up with Jamie, even though he isn't attracted to her and is just making out with her as strategy. Then when given the opportunity to take either of those ladies out for a night on the town, he picked Sarah instead... and then convinced her to spend the night with him in a hotel. Then he tried to get his own partner voted out of the house, and wasn't even subtle or smart about it. It's one thing to be a womanizer, another to do it with three women who live in the same room.

Sonja (Real Housewives of New York)
She showed up for her photo shoot late, then made a mess of everything with her bloody tampon (yes, really) and discredited the work of everyone there. We hate to side with Heather (really, we do) but Sonja's trying to run a professional toaster oven business and is acting like a self-important idiot. And then she later refused to take sides in a fight between Ramona and Heather. Rude, disgusting and ungrateful are not a classy combination.

Marie (The Real World)
She knows that Robb's hung up on her and even ditched his old girlfriend at home for her, but instead she flirts with another rich dude while Robb watches. Then she gets grossly drunk and hits on a bar owner, and refuses to give Robb (whom she pursued for weeks) an answer about their relationship status. The whole thing causes the tormented ginger boy to go into a severe state of self-loathing where he punches his own face and puts lit cigarettes out on his arm. Then she chalks her desire for a sugar daddy and her lack of commitment up to the fact that she drinks too much. Lesson learned? We doubt it.

Farrah (Teen Mom)
There's desperate and oblivious, like Jamie on Bachelor Pad, who thought her cheating bed buddy was really into her, and then there's a controlling bitch... a.k.a. Farrah. She went to Texas to meet her boyfriend Daniel's (who she's been dating only a month!) family, and then told his stepmother that she was too old to have children of her own... before finding out how old the woman was. Then she talked about how she wanted many more kids in the next few years, picked out her own engagement ring and potential wedding dress at a store and demanded an answer from Daniel on when he was going to propose and marry her. Again, they've only been dating a month. A month! Ridiculous.

Chantal (Gallery Girls)
All of these girls were pretty dumb, but Chantal really was the worst of the bunch. She has no sense of economics, or how to run a gallery, and ignores the desperate concerns of her business partner... in order to have a big party. And at the opening, where she should have been hawking art (or clothing, which they also sell for some reason), she shuns a girl who clearly has money to burn just because she doesn't like where she grew up. Let's maybe spend less time playing dress-up, and more time learning about actual reality.

Winner: Chris
Not only did he tick off Blakeley and Jamie, but he's also got the rest of the house thinking he's a scumbag, too.

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