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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Here's a thought: Maybe don't blatantly lie and humiliate people national TV.

Ed (Bachelor Pad)
Last week, Ed told the housemates that he thought Jaclyn was just his platonic partner, which was news to her. She thought that having sex all the time in the house made her his girlfriend. This week, he invented a girlfriend that he supposedly had back home, blamed Jaclyn for not finding out about this from Sarah (who he also slept with) and then told her that her attempt to classify their relationship was stupid, saying it was like a Facebook status. The icing on the cake: he then guilted her into having more sex with him.

Gary (Teen Mom)
The show is over, so presumably we don't have to see him emotionally manipulate Amber any more by baiting her and using their child against her. That'll be refreshing, because if there's anything we hate more than Gary's bullying tactics, it's Amber crying and screaming because Gary was mean to her. Throwing a party for their child so Amber couldn't come was cruel, but not as much as calling her a "slut puppy" (because she dared hook up with another guy) and then threatening to never let her see her kid again. Poor Leah.

LuAnn (Real Housewives of New York City)
Money can't buy you class... but it can take you to St. Bart's, where you can hook up with a French guy who looks like Johnny Depp. The Countess fell for the guy at a bar, then brought him back to the shared vacation home and lied to all the women about who came over. French guy/Italian friends? Whatever.

Lisa (Toddlers & Tiaras)
She had her four-year-old daughter Destiny puff on a fake cigarette as part of a pageant routine to mimic Sandy from Grease. Nothing like glorifying smoking to the little ones to start 'em young. Restoring some of our faith in humanity, everyone in the audience was absolutely horrified.

Jenn (Big Brother)
It has been a pretty amazing few weeks for this show -- Ian stabbed Boogie in the back, Dan flipped the entire house, Frank backdoored Britney -- and yet the producers have been giving Jenn a bunch of screen time so that she can tell us all how revved up she is. This woman needs to get over herself and realize she's a pawn in a game with actual good players for once... but something tells us she'll scream about how angry she is and how this will be when she does something good for once. Sure, she used her PoV on Dan, but in terms of redeeming how annoying she's been, it was too little, too late.

Winner: LuAnn
We just can't wait to see how she continues to try to lie her way out of this one. It's especially unfortunate, too, given that Jacques actually seems like a sweet guy. Hopefully he'll say au revoir to LuAnn after watching the episode.

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