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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Even though it was Labor Day weekend, people still worked hard at being obnoxious.

Liz (Gallery Girls)
Sometimes Amy likes to get more than a little drunk when she goes out, but Liz finds this behavior appalling. So she ignores her friend, and when she finally agrees to go out with her (after bitching about the fact that Amy brought her cupcakes with gluten in them), she bluntly tells her how horrible her drinking is and what a disgusting and desperate human being she is. Way to let someone down gently, Liz.

Jaclyn (Bachelor Pad)
Our eardrums are still ringing after her atrocious cover of "Sister Christian," but her gyrating on top of Ed was what really just turned our stomachs. That and all of the ugly crying she did as she bitched (in a very profanity-riddled tirade) about Rachel not being a true friend because she voted her off a game show made us really happy she was gone.

Mehgan (Bad Girls Club)
She wanted to go out on her terms, and she sure did. Too bad her terms were punching Falen in the face and attacking Rima. Unprovoked while they had their backs turned, we should add. The best part? When she was asked about it, Mehgan claimed that the two girls had actually attacked her. Lying and causing bloody noses -- her grandma must be so proud.

Aviva (The Real Housewives of New York)
She has very real anxiety issues, and is codependent on her husband. Fine, whatever. But she expected the world to fall at her husband's feet because he got on a plane and held her hand. She showed up in St. Bart's itching for a fight, going after Ramona and Sonja for topless sunbathing and calling them white trash. And she demanded that they be removed from the property, even though they'd been there for days, mostly because they dared to express concern about how a guy on a girls-only trip might change the relaxing dynamic. They should have been worried about how Aviva would ruin things instead.

Elena (Project Runway)
This nightmare. God help the person who has to work with her in the future. She whined about having to make "crafts" and possibly having to sell things, called their creations "crappy" in front of potential customers, contradicted herself by saying that Dmitry didn't give her enough to do (when she was clearly in control of things) and then said her work was shoddy because she didn't have enough time to execute it. And she threw her entire team under the bus before anyone said a word. Heidi was not impressed.

Winner: Aviva
She may not have punched anyone in the face, but her elitist behavior was obnoxious, especially regarding the fact that she thought her husband should be welcomed with open arms. That's not how you do a girls' weekend, Aviva. Take a Xanax like everyone else and deal with the little planes.

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