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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

While we can't help but admire Dan (Big Brother) and Nick (Bachelor Pad) for their bold power play moves this week, the below folks behaved badly for no real monetary reason.

Michael (Bachelor Pad)
We used to love Stagliano, but the way he treated Rachel was pretty gross. He gave her the impression that they were a real couple, but was telling other people that he was just hooking up with her in the house. After the show, he "made out" with her at her hotel, after he had broken up with her, and didn't see why that was confusing. Also, he told her that he wasn't willing to have a long-distance relationship but immediately started dating another out-of-towner. Nick's money-grubbing move didn't seem nearly as heinous in comparison as Mike playing with Rachel's emotions.

Cathy (Dance Moms)
Aside from her elitist comments about the rented dance studio being beneath her "standards," her barging in to a closed rehearsal and demanding Abby's attention was rather despicable. Cathy flip if someone did that to her. She actually tried to push her way past Abby, and then started a group chant about her precious Candy Apples. And trying to take away from ALDC's victory by pointing out Paige's lack of dancing was unnecessary. She's a permanent resident of the bottom of the pyramid.

Aviva (Real Housewives of New York)
We don't like putting people on this list twice in a row, but she continues to be a monster, even more so than any of the New Jersey or Miami Housewives this week. She set about excluding people on a group vacation by doing a double date, making the host feel like crap by bringing up the tiny plane they flew on and by trying to make Sonja feel guilty for having a little bit of fun. She's a total killjoy. We wished she'd stayed home.

Maria (America's Next Top Model)
Why go on this show if you aren't willing to get a makeover? Or are unwilling to pose topless? She's pretty dumb for a Harvard-educated woman. She also decided to call judge Kelly Cutrone the C-word, and while we're not saying she was inaccurate, it wasn't a wise move at all.

Marie (The Real World)
Sure, LaToya was the one that hauled off and smacked Swift during the reunion, but Marie was the one who stirred the pot. Marie seemed fine during the course of the season, but during the post-show, she was pissed that Robb had dumped her via text. It's a wussy move, but she's so mean and terrifying that we can't blame him. And she's apparently decided to irrationally hate most of her ex-roommates and act like a total bitch to almost everyone for no discernable reason. It's very telling that LaToya is her only friend.

Winner: Marie
We're really not looking forward to seeing her obnoxious self again on The Challenge.

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