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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We want to include the Amish dentist who ripped Rebecca's teeth out of her head with some medieval torture device while holding her head down and no anesthetic, but since we didn't see him, he's off the hook... sorta. And well, same goes for the unseen excessive idiot who had toilet paper covered in pricey Swarovski crystals for a party on Bling It On, but know that we think she's horrible.

Doug (Couples Therapy)
He's the 50 whatever dude who is married to 17-year-old Courtney Stodden, and while we're not judging their actual relationship (though we are, in our heads), he repeatedly mentioning that he's raising his bride like she's his child really turned our stomachs. You have to be really disgusting to skeeve out Nik Richie who runs TheDirty website and named his child Press.

Aviva (Real Housewives of New York)
We might just have to grant her an honorary permanent spot on this list. Not only did she scream at Ramona in a variety of public faces about kicking gross old George out of her party, she didn't listen when all her friends told her they were insanely sick of hearing her constant harping on Ramona. She went over the top when she said "unless he stole something or raped somebody, you should not have thrown my father out of a party" at a domestic violence event. Plus, she didn't witness George actually grabbing Ramona, and tried to get all of the other women to say that Ramona was wrong. The cameras speak for themselves, Aviva.

All the Girls (Gallery Girls)
Well, all except for Liz who was barely in the finale. Chantal told Claudia that she was afraid of hard work, and insisted that paying back the money that they all owe to Claudia's family wasn't a priority... especially when she might up and leave for Paris. Claudia was an idiot who talked bad about Chantal (speculating whether her "illness" was real or fake) to her best friend Angela, and then didn't stand up to her EOC pals who bullied her. Angela blabbed about Claudia's confession to Chantal, knowing it would just start drama. Amy was the most oblivious human on the planet, being irritating and fake nice to everyone all the time. And then there's Maggie, who may be the worst of them all. She quit her demeaning "job" and started telling everyone that she had a new one, before she actually got the offer. And when she was at her potential new workplace, she made no effort to learn about the art or how to use a coffee machine... she couldn't even find business cards competently. It's no wonder she's been working as an unpaid intern for so long.

Kate (Breaking Amish)
She might be mentally unstable, so we feel a little bit bad picking on her, but she rudely locked Rebecca and Sabrina not only out of the bathroom, but also their hotel room, so she could talk to the camera in the mirror about how amazing she thinks she is. And she got totally wasted and danced (quite competently) on a stripper pole at a bar. It's for the best that her family doesn't have TV.

Teresa (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
The fact that she took no ownership at all for anything during the first part of the reunion was pretty spectacular, in the most horrible way possible. She denied pre-planning the Melissa strippergate (though Jacqueline has some revealing behind-the-scenes secret) and interrupted Jacqueline tearfully talking about her autistic son Nicholas... to loudly tell Andy Cohen how he had been her daughter's "boyfriend" but then had to break up. Appalling.

Winner: Doug
He's the one who keeps referring to himself as a child molester (even if he's just repeating other's comments) and allowing his 17-year-old bride to dress like a hooker. Heck, actual Barbie doll clothes would cover more of her ass.

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