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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

It's just understood that Aviva and Teresa are two of the worst human beings on the planet at this point, but we've left them off the list (for now!) to make room for other terrible people.

CeCe (The X Factor)
We hate the stupid leopard print on her face (which was also creeping down her leg), especially since we found out it isn't even a real tattoo. But she's just the fakest human being on the planet, and her forced tears and claims that she'd take off her stupid spots if she makes it through are obnoxious. Also, she "sang" a version of "I'm Sexy and I Know It" after she'd been told she was unlikeable.

Russell (Survivor)
He thinks he's the second coming of Jesus or something and didn't understand why he personally wasn't winning competitions when he believes that God made him to win this stupid game show. His egotistical nature, and his physical lameness (he could barely reach the mat), made him less useful than Russell Hantz.

Joe (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
He denied that he cheated on Teresa, yelled at the other women and desperately tried to change the subject when he was caught in a lie. Also, the way he and his wife think that the C-word is just fine for casual conversation is appalling.

Knight (The Challenge)
Speaking of men who call women the C-word, here's Knight. He also decided to chuck all of Nany's clothes in a swimming pool and even started yelling at Camilla. Then he cockily told Jemmye that he could get her in his bed if he wanted too, which was gross. Brokering a love connection between Easy and Devyn did nothing to make us think favorably about him.

Deena (Jersey Shore)
We expect disgusting behavior from the roommates on this show, but she took it to an entirely new level. She thought she had toxic shock syndrome because she wore a tampon for two days and then took it out and decide to put it back in? We just can't even.

Winner: Joe
He wins because of the way he blamed the show for costing him a ton of cash by airing his fine display of awfulness and infidelity, since he then had to go to the jewelry store repeatedly to appease his angry wife. Way to take ownership of your mistakes, douche. Also, it's not cool to be spending so much cash on trinkets when you're totally bankrupt.

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