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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Does anyone else have that "On Top of Spaghetti" song in their head after Deena's solo drinking day? Until she finds a partner, we'll look at the people who were truly awful this week and not just merely sad and pathetic.

Camila (The Challenge)
Big Easy quit, and we think he sucks for that. But the reason he quit wasn't because he couldn't physically hack the challenges or anything like that, but because of Camila's shrill voice doling out random instruction son how to properly hold himself under water, when she wasn't actually listening. Honestly, if we had Camila on our team, we'd quit too.

Jeremiah (Breaking Amish)
He randomly decided to start harping on Sabrina and Kate for being sluts, when they weren't. They were just drinking too much and texting guys, but he was really obnoxious and did it in front of everyone. And his attitude is pretty hypocritical, given that he's the guy who has been hanging out in strip clubs.

Roger (Jersey Shore)
In the middle of a drunken melee, he shoved his girlfriend JWOWW to the ground by pushing her neck, and then had to be escorted out of the club by a handful of bouncers before he could hit her again. Her foot got fractured in the scuffle and then afterwards he blamed her for playing the victim and said she deserved to be shoved because she was trying to control him. A new low even for this show.

Jeff Probst (Survivor)
We've gotten used to Probst's superior attitude, but he really was all over the women this week and we just couldn't let it slide. From making Dana feel pathetic for leaving the game and forcing her to say goodbye to her tribe (when she clearly wanted to just get the hell out) to repeatedly pointing out how many times Abi has sat out challenges (instead of reinstituting the rule where the same person can't sit out back-to-back challenges) and openly harping on Katie for repeatedly falling and struggling. Cut the gals some slack, Jeff, or they'll never appear on your daytime talk show.

Kay Kutta (Ink Master)
He's a cocky egomaniac who spends all of his time trying to get other people out of the competition by intimidating and distracting them, instead of just doing good tattoos. He outwardly mocks others, tries to screw people over by assigning out challenges and is rude when he barely squeaks by to the next level. We won't be letting this guy put any ink on us any time soon.

Winner: Roger
His logic is that he shoved Jenni by the neck because she got in the middle of guys fighting and could have gotten hurt by them. Huh? The other guys in the house who defended him don't make them much better.

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