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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We really hate when people waste our time.

Pandora Boxx (RuPaul's Drag Race)
We were super excited for the All-Stars and Pandora was one our favorite classy ladyboys. But she came back in a super bitchy mood. What the hell? She was so disgruntled about being paired up with Mimi Imfurst that she barely made an effort in the competition. And she could have tried to save Mimi's lip-synch and didn't bother. That is not all-star behavior.

Roger (Jersey Shore)
Continuing his appalling behavior from last week, instead of calling Jenni to apologize for pushing her, injuring her foot and blaming her for trying to calm him down, he ignores her calls. Then totally berates her when he finally talks to her. Remind us: Why the hell is she marrying this psychopath, again?

Walt (Comic Book Men)
We know these guys kid each other, but really, planning a whole auction competition with the sole purpose of getting Ming in a dress and having him kiss Mike was beyond juvenile. Even for a grown man who works at a comic book store.

Alton (The Challenge)
He pissed off almost everyone in the house with his babyish meltdown, and then all but demanded he be thrown into the arena (along with one of his teammates) so that he could go home. But when it came time to actually go to the arena, he let his teammates go instead of him. So he just sits around and makes everyone miserable for another week, without actually proving anything.

Housewives and Bad Girls producers
Who wants to watch lost footage of the Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey? If it wasn't good enough to show the first time around, don't waste our time with these padded episodes of nothingness. And then while the Bad Girls Club reunions are usually the show's finest moments, they spent 45 minutes with the gals all catching up with their respective cliques poolside before they even got around to starting the reunion proper.

Winner: Alton
His babyish behavior kept everyone from going to the beach. That's just rude.

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