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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Wearing clothing is just not that difficult.

Trey (Ink Master)
We don't normally put people on the list who are just dumb, but this guy is dumb, obnoxious and bad at his job. He did a crappy tattoo and then blamed it on the fact that he could only see out of one eye. Why, you might ask? Oh, because he gets these blood clots and tends to pass out and nearly die all the time and decided to leave his medication at home because it would make him look weak.

Ryan (The Amazing Race)
Every season needs a guy who exhibits borderline abusive behavior towards his female partner, and this season that's Ryan. He's got this idea that he wants to break the record for the most wins of individual legs, instead of focusing on winning the actual race. So he's not at all supportive of Abbie and then fights with the twins so much so that we're actually rooting for them instead. And when he pouts on the mat for coming in second, we'd really like to smack his stupid face. Poor Abbie.

Courtney (Couples Therapy)
When called out for dressing inappropriately in a public setting, she claimed that she wouldn't change because the way she "dresses" saves people lives. She thinks that people wanting her not to walk around mostly naked in plastic heels is akin to bullying.

L.A. Reid (The X Factor)
He's still so ticked off that he's saddled with the older people that he mentions it every five minutes. We get it. We wish he'd shut up about it and do his actual job instead of making Jason into some Vegas lounge act... well, if he can even being bothered to remember Jason's name. That and the way he gets all defensive when Simon offers constructive criticism is annoying. Stop fake-feuding and focus on developing your talent and trying to create a winning team.

Deena (Jersey Shore)
She's continued her really sloppy drunk behavior to the point where she can't even tell how she got home, begs to leave, overshares, doesn't get a joke and whines all the time. There comes a point where just saying its meatball behavior isn't an excuse. Even her own mother has had it with her.

Winner: Courtney
She'd rather be kicked out of the house than cover up her midriff and crotch. Put on a hoodie and get over it. No one is going to die if they can't see your underwear for a day.

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