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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

The twins on The Amazing Race were pretty terrible for taking James and Abba's money and then trying to get another team to share the wealth/guilt... but they weren't as rotten as some other people this week.

Jeff Kent (Survivor)
We had no qualms with this former baseball player... well, until his exit interview. In 30 seconds he changed our opinion of him by going off about how he has earned millions of dollars during his career, but he really wanted this particular one million dollars... even though it's really "only" $600,000 once you factor in taxes. Gee, jerk, $600K is a lot of money to most people.

Kristin (America's Next Top Model)
For a model, she has the ugliest stankface that it's no wonder she received low social media scores and was sent packing last Friday. But before she left, she griped about Leila, was awful to Kiara and just generally acted bratty and obnoxious beyond belief towards everyone around her.

Sara (Start-Ups: Silicon Valley)
She lives in the Four Seasons for free because she runs their Twitter account and is probably one of the worst people we've had the displeasure of seeing on TV. She's stuck-up, obnoxious and unapologetic about her abhorrently bad behavior. She also has no problem using a friend for a free plane ticket and then selling that person out because they didn't splurge for business class.

Kenya (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
She's the new girl and we hate her already. She was so obnoxious during the casting call at Cynthia's agency, acting like she was Simon Cowell to poor girls off the street who had the nerve to show up in their bathing suits. And then she tried to have one of Cynthia's employees escorted out... because, of course, Kenya has her own personal body guard who travels everywhere with her.

Will (LOLwork)
He's trying way too hard to be "funny" (at least that's what we think he's trying to do) and his whole persona just gives off a creepy sociopathic vibe. His disturbing obsession with cats doesn't help matters.

Winner: Kristin
Saying she even hated her best (only) friend Laura and was over everyone when she left just really put her over the top.

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