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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Rich and entitled people who aren't on a Housewives show? Who knew that was possible?

Laura Kathleen (Project Runway)
She makes the world call her Laura Kathleen, instead of just Laura. And thinks that people don't like her because she's wealthy, which she brags about constantly. She doesn't realize that people hate her because she's a monster and insulting to everyone, including all of middle America, who she doesn't design for because she's too stylish to be bothered with farmers. Also, she visibly yawned during the middle of the runway show to demonstrate just how bored she was with her fellow designers.

Abi (Survivor)
She obnoxiously takes it for granted that Skupin is part of her alliance, even though she's really rude to him and has said she'd sell him out. Also, she threw a coconut at his head, and she sucks so much that no one even chose her to be on their team for the reward competition. Then she insulted Lisa's loyalty during the middle of a tribal council where she actually needed Lisa's vote. After last week, when she needlessly showed off her immunity idol, we're baffled by her gameplay.

Shayne (Couples Therapy)
We thought she was just jealous of Courtney and that's why she was being terrible, but it turns out that's just her personality. When her husband Nik tries to recreate their best date (which involved horseback riding) she complains about it incessantly and says he's just doing it for the cameras. And apparently he should know better than take her horseback riding when it is warm out and she had a boob job several months before, because god forbid anyone try and do anything really nice for her.

Beatrice (The X Factor)
The multiple watches on her wrist and the YOLO hat, paired with the several different mismatched outfits, were enough to make us want to puke on sight. But what really put her on this list was that she pouted about how people don't like her. It's a reality competition show where America votes for their favorites; by going on it you are basically asking for criticism. Grow a thicker skin or change your unappealing image. And never wear anything that says YOLO again.

Frank (The Challenge)
What the hell is his problem? We left him off last week for his outburst, but he's still throwing actual fits and acting like a temper-filled infant towards Zach. What a brat. His whole team is imploding because he's behaving like a douchebag and refusing to go into challenges or cooperate for the sake of winning some money.

Winner: Shayne
Because she then bitched about going on a picnic as well. So freakin' ungrateful.

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