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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

We took time off to give thanks, and here's what we got in return.

Krista Stodden (Couples Therapy)
Mom of the year, this one. When she was on the show before, talking about what a great husband Doug was to her daughter and how she had no trouble letting her 15-year-old run off with this old man, we were horrified. But then she came back and explained how she and Doug manipulate Courtney for the sake of her career (i.e. profit from her near-pornography) and took no responsibility for the fact that she should have been a grown-up and told her daughter to wear some damn clothes.

Robb/Trishelle/Marie/Frank (The Challenge)
Robb was a crybaby who threw a tantrum when he couldn't do a challenge. Trishelle was a stuck-up selfish bitch who refused to put herself at risk, even though she sucked at a challenge. Marie physically shoved Sam into a bush (though Sam wasn't her intended target) and Frank hit below the belt by calling out Nany's sister's drug problem and generally stirring the pot with people who weren't even bothering him. They all need a big time out.

Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)
She originally wanted to go to jail because she couldn't handle extra time tacked on to a probation that didn't allow her to do drugs. But then she wanted her probation officer to delay her sentence a few days so she could go see a Ke$ha concert. KE$HA! Because the trashy pop star is her idol and she had already put tacky feathers in her hair for the occasion. Probably not the best thing to tell your lawyer. Also, it's probably not wise to smoke a ton of pot and then get tossed in jail anyway without a plan for someone to bail you out. Reminder: this is someone's mom.

Hermione (Start-Ups: Silicon Valley)
We realize that these people are living in some Silicon Valley bubble and aren't frequently exposed to the real world, but honestly, she has no clue about financing or how the business world works, even though it's seemingly her job to be up on stuff like that. Also, throwing a drink and starting a fight with your brother at a networking event is just uncalled for. Think of the poor waiter who has to clean up that broken glass.

Josh (Project Runway All Stars)
Mostly just because he was a whiny little bitch more than anything. He decided that he was tired of not having his brilliance recognized and went off on Ivy backstage seemingly unprovoked. Rude. Design better clothes, and then you can talk about who still deserves to be in the competition.

Winner: Jenelle
Because she prioritized seeing a Ke$ha concert and smoking pot over actually caring for her kid. And because her lawyer had to specifically tell her that her feathered-hair excuses wouldn't really fly in court.

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