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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

There's a bunch of repeat offenders this week.

Meri (Sister Wives)
If we have to hear one more time about how she's not sure if she wants another baby, but needs to own a freakin' mansion with like 80 rooms, we might drive to Vegas and smack her across the face. What the hell does a fundamentalist Mormon need a WET BAR for? Without alcohol, that's an absolute waste.

Demi (The X Factor)
Her weird flirting with Simon (by interrupting him and taunting him constantly) is gross -- at least when she's blatantly hitting on the boys from Emblem3, they are in her own age group. But she's really terrible because she's such a contradictory judge, telling people she likes them for one reason and then criticizing them for the same thing next week. And now that she has no contestants left in the competition, she's more pointless than Khloe Kardashian on that show.

Jenelle (Teen Mom 2)
She got her friend to bail her out of jail, not even batting an eye at the fact that said friend could be out ten grand if Janelle screws up. Then she went to her beloved Ke$ha concert and came back to scream at her mother in front of Jace. Her beef was that her mom should have bailed her out (as she has before, to no avail), and when her mom said that she was the one violating her parole, Jenelle eloquently responded that she always gets blamed. For doing drugs when you were specifically told not to? Can't see how that's her fault at all.

Hermione (Start-Ups: Silicon Valley)
She wore a strap on at her party, and joked around with it quite a bit, all with potential investors around, and didn't see why that was a problem, or why her brother/partner would be upset.

Robb & Marie (The Challenge)
Not sad to see these two idiots gone. Marie went on a rampage against Team San Diego when they put them up for elimination, not remembering that one of the members of San Diego was Sam, whom she had shoved down to the ground last week. Then she blasted Frank (her only friend in the house) and then Robb got in on the screaming action, threatening to punch everyone around him.

Winner: Jenelle
Two weeks in a row. That may be a new record. And this isn't even taking into account her really classy sounding off-screen wedding that happened this week. Threatening to move out of your mom's when you are older than 20 is actually more of a promise than a threat... one that we hope she sticks to.

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