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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Even at the holidays, people are still terrible.

Adrienne and Paul (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)
Brandi may have thrown the first punch (so to speak), but given that we have no real way of knowing what she said about Adrienne (since it was conveniently edited out), but Adrienne and Paul went off the handle when they found out from Kim, and started screaming at Brandi about crossing the line. And Paul loudly called her a bitch in the middle of a party and started threatening her and exposing all of her dirty laundry. Clearly, they have the money for lawyers to sweep this all under the table, so why not act like mature adults?

GG (Shahs of Sunset)
As we've learned from countless hours of Bad Girls Club, if someone takes off their earrings, it's going to go down. And for a tiny little thing, GG proved to be quite spry and handy looking for a folding chair to use as a weapon (someone's been watching their old school WWE). The whole spat started last week when a drunken Asa toasted Omid for not getting a nose job. And apparently her "apology" about how she really likes Persian noses didn't fly with GG, so little girl went off, and had to be carried out of the party kicking and screaming.

Debbie (Extreme Moms)
This cheerleading competition show is terrible. Please don't watch it. Anyway, two mother-daughter teams are pitted against each other to do a performance for some prize. And to say that Debbie was a poor sport was an understatement. She brought in her older daughter for help (even though that wasn't in the rules) and made her younger daughter constantly feel inferior to her big sister. And then she screamed at the other mom who had the audacity to suggest that Debbie shouldn't berate at her child and call her a failure in front of everyone.

Jarrod (Catfish)
Normally with this show, we blame the person on the other end of the screen for doing the lying and deception, but in Jarrod's case, we're having a hard time feeling sorry for him. Mostly because his online girlfriend "Abby" was actually cute and nice, albeit named Melissa. He was upset because she wasn't the thin blonde model girl he'd seen in her profile picture. Just be glad your soul mate wasn't a man, or someone that was married, and give the otherwise nice girl a second chance.

Natalie and Nadiya (The Amazing Race
The Twinnies might have been annoying, but they really outdid themselves in their final leg. They called the Beekman Boys "evil gays," said they didn't deserve to be there and claimed that they had just ridden on coattails the entire time, which is actually far from the truth, just because the boys weren't part of their alliance. This rude and frankly insulting behavior about the "gays" was just horrible and we're glad that karma caught up with the twins and sent them packing.

Winner: Adrienne and Paul
Mostly because we didn't get to find out what the big secret was (and if it is what's been rumored, who really cares). And because they tag-team fought against Brandi. Adrienne's a big girl; she should be able to fight her own battles.

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