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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

You can dress like Scarlett O'Hara but that doesn't make you a lady.

MJ (Shahs of Sunset)
GG was still a nightmare, and saying she wanted to cut her pregnant sister's face off was disgusting, but MJ was the one who showed her true colors this week. Her two-faced behavior caught up with her when she sided with GG at the party but then turned on her so she looked good around other people. Then she showed up late for dinner with Lilly and started judging her for taking supposedly inhumane topless photos with her dog, then alienated her old friend Reza by calling him fat and screaming at him at their place of business. And she apparently didn't defend him when people were trashing him at a party. Even worse, she wore a see-through skirt that had no business being on her body.

Sarah (Start-Ups: Silicon Valley)
Way to go out with a bang. On the season series finale, she helped her friend David, a.k.a. the only one who cared that she might have had breast cancer (she didn't), with his beta-testing launch party, but got all indignant when Hermione showed up and David paid attention to her for the sake of their business. So she invited him to dinner, then started hurling accusations at him, including that he physically assaulted her. For the record, he pulled her away from accosting Hermione in the middle of a party really gently. So we weren't exactly unhappy to discover that she'd been ousted from her plum Four Seasons gig/residency.

Nikki (Toddlers & Tiaras)
This judgmental pageant coach was horrific, but worse still, taught her insulting behavior to her little protégé Faithlyn. The two complained about everything, including how Faithlyn's makeup was being done, how the other girls weren't as pretty, how pageant moms are all fat and how announcers pronounced Faithlyn's name. Not to mention that they were tremendously rude about a girl who dared wear a similar costume. That and Nikki's snotty attitude towards Faithlyn being awarded a most beautiful award, instead of an all-around title, was just poor sportsmanship and despicable behavior at its finest.

Kenya (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
While on a lovely vacation, Kenya ruined a perfectly good massage to snap at Nene about some stupid comment about men. Then when Porsha tried to say that she initially thought Kenya was a horrible, selfish bitch, but had since realized she wasn't that terrible (even though she is). Kenya started a long tirade, in which she spun around frequently to show off her lacy robe, and had to be restrained from totally attacking Porsha. And she groused about having to sit through a vow renewal because her own boyfriend hadn't proposed to her. Way to ruin a vacay.

Ann (Cheer Perfection)
You don't want another mom's kid to join your cheer team? Don't say something to the woman directly, or to the coach. Instead, get a minion to do your dirty work for you. This show may only have just debuted, but these women look more cutthroat than the Dance Moms, and Ann looks to be the worst one of them all.

Winner: Kenya
Her Gone With the Wind twirling exit in her ridiculous lingerie put her over the top.

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