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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Giving new meaning to "gone fishin'."

Walter (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
We don't normally defend Kenya, as she's pretty over-the-top obnoxious and her desperation to get married and have children is at a ridiculous level. However, even crazy ladies who like to spin around in circles and think they look like Beyonce deserve a little bit of respect. Her boyfriend (who she moved to Atlanta to be with) went fishing with her and then ignored her entirely and while she tried to discuss if they were splitting up, he just kept acting like a petulant child and played with his fishing gear.

Rose (Catfish)
We get that most of these people are lying and whatever, but after being called out for impersonating a "celebrity" of sorts, she had very little remorse whatsoever. And when Nev and his weird camera guy tried to explain to her that what she was doing was wrong, she stopped, but only for a day and then went back to the multiple phony online personalities she uses to manipulate unsuspecting men for fun.

Stassi (Vanderpump Rules)
This bitch is the best part of the show, but only because she's an absolute nightmare. She claims to own a particular color and that everyone knows they can't wear that, she treats her boyfriend like absolute dirt and controls his every move and she hazes a new girl because she doesn't agree with her morally. And she seems to have absolutely no respect for her boss, and lacks anything that could remotely be considered a work ethic.

Brian (Millionaire Matchmaker)
He's a rich British dude who had family money, named his yacht Morning Wood and referred to his potential partner as number 2 (since he'd been married before). He seemed to enjoy the comparisons to Arthur (though he made it clear he preferred the Dudley Moore version) and was just generally disgusting. And he brought his mommy with him in order to meet Patti, because mommy knows best... when you are a 40-year-old douchebag.

JWOWW (Stars in Danger: The High Dive)
We were most excited to see JWOWW go off the high dive, but she "injured her back" in some barely-explained way, and then didn't compete at all and just smiled awkwardly. And the way it was edited made us feel like it had happened ages before the competition and that she (or the show) was lying about the timing. Between that, and the fact that her obnoxious Snooki & JWOWW show continues to exist, really makes us hope she crawls under a rock for a good long while.

Winner: Walter
Anyone who makes us feel an ounce of pity for Kenya deserves to win.

See the Real Housewives spin-offs we're hoping for... just a hint, none of them involve Walter.

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