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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Again, the kids from Buckwild narrowly avoided the list mainly because while they can be horrible and self-destructive, they're not really hurting each other... much. At this rate, one of them will probably break their neck riding around on garbage can lids before we call them totally heinous. Or, in their more colorful term, before we deem them pussy shit.

Chelsea (Teen Mom 2)
She got her dog killed. Sure, you can blame the husky next door, but if she knew there was a big dog nearby that had a reputation, she shouldn't have let her French bulldog out without a leash and completely unsupervised. Simple as that. Also, get your GED already. It isn't that hard.

Christi (Dance Moms)
The moms came back, and while we expected Kelly to be the worst (and don't get us wrong, she was terrible), Christi really took the cake with her plan to haze the new mom in the group by roofie-ing her. Roofies! We'd like to think she was kidding, but that wicked cackle afterwards made us skeptical. In addition to her constant complaining and evil schemes, she was a total obnoxious bitch to Abby about everything. Are the mom's replaceable, Abby? Please?

Alex (Millionaire Matchmaker)
This douchebag plastic surgeon didn't even try to be a good person, and couldn't even muster up a compliment to the women he chose, all because he hadn't remade them into his perfect Stepford design. If he talked one more time about how he loved asses, we were going to puke. And we didn't appreciate his graphic comments about women and their desire to have sex with him instead of cuddling.

Josie (Top Chef)
There's throwing someone under the bus, and then there's throwing them under a Mack truck and then having the driver get out so you can back it up over them a few dozen times. Josie took absolutely no responsibility for her poor dish, blamed everything on Kristin, was totally disrespectful and ignored all of her requests to do a halfway decent job. So frontrunner Kristin is gone because she was a kind human being and this obnoxious woman is still around for a second chance whining about how she nearly went home.

Ann (Cheer Perfection)
Yes, she's been quite the repeat offender and we almost want to ignore her for a few weeks, but this week she wasn't just lazy and bitchy, she also was a terrible mom. She talked loudly throughout the entire gym (and on camera) about her daughter's constipation issues, and mentioned it to all of the kid's friends. That said, we can't blame Torann for trying to bite and hit her mom. And then Ann refused to take a punishment for fighting in the gym, or take any ownership for her misdeeds. She's a real charmer.

Winner: Alex
As if his attitude weren't enough, he also tried to have a three-way on a first date by inviting his "pastry chef" over and having her share ass cake (it's exactly what it sounds like) with his very normal-seeming date.

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