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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Can we hook this week's winner up with Manti Te'o?

Jill (Dance Moms)
Abby was obnoxious with all of her instigating about Sophia and with forcing a competition between Maddie and Kendall, but Jill was the worst. Why? Because she wouldn't just let Melissa off the hook, and started fighting with Abby in front of the kids. Even when her own daughter started crying uncontrollably and begged her to stop it, she didn't listen.

Shain (Buckwild)
We've been chalking these people up as only a danger to themselves, but really, Shain is the worst of the bunch. His attitude towards women is really awful... particularly for a man who still lives at home with his parents. His constant reference to how women should be more like trucks and him being just so charming about the "lucky" gals who got to sleep with him made us want to toss him in the creek. That and his senseless destruction of perfectly good trucks on a regular basis earned him a spot on the list.

JWOWW's Dad Terry (Snooki & JWOWW)
Papa JWOWW (who looks like an older, sleazier Tom Petty) dropped by his daughter's house for a casual BBQ and proceeded to make things super-creepy by hitting on one of her nubile young friends, even climbing into the hot tub with her wearing swim trunks he borrowed from Roger. (Ol' Rog probably won't want those back anytime soon, especially after the old guy joked about sporting "a different kind of wood.") We agree with JWOWW (for once): "It's gross."

Josie (Top Chef)
Don't let the door hit ya on the way out, Josie. Instead of owning up to her fault in the Kristen debacle last week, she instead was crying because people thought she threw Kristen under the bus. She did! Then she continued to make excuses for her poorly made food, blaming equipment and claiming that other people enjoyed it. Hero of the week? Tom Colicchio for calling out her out on all her B.S.

Rod/KJ (Catfish)
So he's a guy who was lying on a gay dating site about his name and photos and who met a transgendered woman and fell in love, but then he freaked out a bit when he found out that she was actually born a woman and had a child. Not the worst thing, and after they both revealed their deceptions, she totally forgave him and wanted to spend time with the man who had supported her via text/phone during her bout with cancer. But then he told her that the only reason he'd been supportive was because she'd been paying all his phone bills and sending him cash. Douche.

Winner: Rod/KJ
All we know for sure is that he's got some issues he's not ready to deal with and Ebony is way better off with her new lesbian girlfriend who isn't only after her for her money.

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