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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Steven Tyler showing up in drag on American Idol didn't even come close to making our list, so you know people had to be really crappy this week.

Kenya (Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Yes, she was her normal rude, self-involved bitchy self. But she earned her spot this week for wearing an "outfit" that consisted of a thong, lacy fishnets and butt pads... to a charity event.

Sean(The Bachelor)
There is a scary stalker girl who very well might murder one of the other bachelorettes in their sleep and is so awful that she's earned the nickname Tierrable for her over the top antics (threatening to leave, constantly bitching about the other women). Still, this week her infantile behavior wasn't as gross as Sean's, who was so condescending and obnoxious to Sarah (who only has one arm) while she was struggling to maintain her balance during the roller derby. His being "proud" of her was utterly demeaning, especially when he's so obviously just keeping Sarah around to make himself look less like a jerk.

Jax/Stassi/Frank (Vanderpump Rules)
All of these people on this show are just the worst. All of them. Including Lisa who allows all this staged behavior to unfold. This week, Stassi forced everyone to go to Vegas so she could make out with her new boyfriend Frank in front of them. Frank maybe exaggerated that Jax had gotten a girl knocked up so that Stassi would dump her longtime boyfriend to hook up with him instead (and it worked). Then Jax went to Vegas uninvited and started in on Frank, which involved ripping shirts off and fighting in parking lots. Then Stassi bitched that all of her friends weren't nice to her and decided that she was going to hang out with people who unconditionally blew smoke up her butt.

Abby (Dance Moms)
Can we officially be over Abby Lee Miller? Sometimes she raises good points, other times she's just a nightmarish shrew who stirs up drama for the sake of keeping her mug on television. And she's so blatantly obvious about it. And why do still have to hear about the damned parking lot, and listen to her hypocritical nonsense blaming Maddie for obeying her mother while she rewarded Chloe with a solo for the same egregious sin weeks after this whole standoff occurred? The whole thing is stupid and we hate Abby's catty new front desk girl playing into Abby's "evil" machinations.

Leah (Teen Mom 2)
Her awful bangs, which seem to get worse each week, might be enough to earn her a spot, but it was the fact that this mom of twins decided to take out of her IUD (possibly without the help of a medical professional, though that's unclear) in order to get knocked up by her new boyfriend on their weekend away. This is mere weeks after she considered getting back together with her ex-husband and well before her new boyfriend decided to propose to her and say that he was looking forward to starting a family. If he hadn't proposed, it seemed like she was going to get pregnant to keep him around.

Winner: Stassi
She earned some bonus points for her terrible "acting" skills and her bitchy behavior to people who actually put up with her crap on the regular.

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