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The Most Heinous Person on Reality TV This Week

Weirdly, none of the people from Freakshow behaved inappropriately, it was the rest of the reality world that seems to house the true freaks.

Cathy (Dance Moms)
Oh, those poor little boys who had to listen to her going on about Abby Lee Miller and how she is an evil she-beast. We feel for them. Especially as they had to watch as Cathy started a ridiculous feud with Abby in the middle of a hotel lobby. She is just a disgusting human being who creates drama just for the sake of getting on television. And the way she uses her daughter Vivi just so she has someone to sound off against is really just horrible, and that's not even mentioning how she physically attacked Abby with her purse.

Naomi Campbell (The Face)
We feared that she'd be a nightmare on this competition show, but we didn't expect her to start with the dramatics in week one. She's clearly going to kill Karolina in her sleep at some point this season. She was so mad that Karolina dared to eliminate one of her contestants, even though she was only following the rules of the game, that she stormed off and locked herself in a room and then threatened Karolina. We'd be wary if she picks up a cell phone.

Tierra (The Bachelor)
She finally got herself a one-on-one date and did nothing but bitch about how she wanted to go on a boat, instead of just enjoying shopping in St. Croix. Why? Because there were bugs and the humidity was messing with her hair... yeah, that's exactly the kind of laid-back girl that Sean seems to be looking for. Then started a major fight because someone dared to say something to Sean about how she didn't play nice with others and ranted about people trying to take away her "sparkle." And she threw such a fit in front of him when he was trying to take her away to introduce her to his sister. We know where you can shove your sparkle, lady.

Gretel-Ann (Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker)
Our seven-year-old nominated Gretel-Ann for her terrible behavior on the finale of this show. Not only for her poor sportsmanship and bad attitude when she lost (and her general poor behavior all season), but also because she actively sabotaged other people's pastries by turning up the oven and stealing pans. In our book, she cheated her way into the final competition.

Michelle (Project Runway)
She came right out of the gate this week bitching about the team swaps and insisting she couldn't work with Patricia, because the latter dared to talk too much. She made nasty interview comments about everyone, and had a snide stink face that rivaled McKayla Maroney's. And she was whiny about it. There's no whining in fashion! Well, actually, there's probably a lot of whining in fashion, but she should suck it up for the sake of this show. And she thinks she's funny, or charming, but it comes across as really obnoxious.

Winner: Cathy
If you can make Abby Lee look like a sane human being, and/or reduce that brutal woman to tears, you really have gone over the top. We only wish that someone had dumped an entire bucket of water on the wicked witch of Ohio.

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